10 Best Off-Page SEO Techniques in 2020-What is Off-Page SEO?

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Best OFF-page SEO Techniques in 2020- What is SEO?

If you are running a website or you are a newbie in this field then you have heard about it that you have to do proper SEO on your site for Ranking in Search Engines. OFF-page SEO is the Important Module of SEO But we are talking about off-page SEO techniques then we have to know about What is SEO?

SEO(Search Engine optimization) stands for a Technique to rank a website on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, e.t.c Page, and also get High Organic Traffic on the website. There are two types of SEO:-

  • ON-Page:- It Means all Such things which are done on the Blog, Website, or On the Landing page is known as On-Page SEO like Keyword Stuffing, Title, Keyword phrases, Meta-Description, e.t.c.
  • OFF-Page:- It Means all such things that are done behind the Blog or Website which we also going to talk in this blog is known as Off-page SEO like Backlinks, Press Release, Guest Post, Social bookmarking, e.t.c.
  • On-page is done on the Landing Page or kind for control own website But, The off-page is done for the purpose of improving the Site/Blog Ranking in Search Engines.

Following are the SEO Techniques & Web Submission Sites (Off-Page Strategies)

1. Link-Building

This is the process of Building One Way link which means The Link which directs you from one website to the other site. This process is also known as Backlink.

There are several ways to build a backlink like By commenting on site, By publishing articles on other sites, e.t.c. For example, If you want a backlink by Article Publishing then Publish your articles on the Article-Publishing Sites. remember one thing that this will work pretty good if you also put some Internal Links on your Blog post.

How do Backlinks work in 2020? If I put my blog link to the other website then there will be a chance that the visitor of that site will also Click On our Backlink. Once he clicks on the link he redirects to our website.

You may also remember one thing that makes your Backlinks only on High DA websites, For faster & Better Experience.

2. Guest Posting

This technique is done by almost all the bloggers, It refers to Post our articles on Randomly but High DA websites. This is the Best and Easiest way to rank our site fastly.

This is also a type of Article-publishing work because we are kind of Guest for the other Website Owners. Under this, we just have to Publish our article on the Other High DA(Domain Authority) websites. There are several Guest-Blogging websites available on the Internet.

Guest Blogging is going very well in this blogging industry as compared to the other one because of the Easiness and Reliability & also it gives faster results.

3. Commenting on Other Sites

If you are a blogger then Note one thing that if you visit some other websites then make sure that you have Commented on it related to that Post.

How does it work? Basically commenting means to comment on the other blogger’s sites & also Paste Our website link on their comment box, So the link of our website which we put now that has become a Backlink for us.

Before going to comment on the sites remember one thing that the Website has a Good Domain Authority for Better Results. And, Give your Blog or website links on your comment for the Redirection.

4. Social Bookmarking

This is one of the Free technique for getting huge traffic on Blog or site, By giving our blog link to the social sites we can get Unique Visitors. This is a very major & Important part of the off-page SEO techniques.

As you know that backlinks play a major role in SEO, Same Social Bookmarking is used for improving site ranking. Top 100 Social Bookmarking sites:-

1 http://1look4.com/
2 http://3000bonus.com/
3 http://actweb-sport.com/
4 http://addthismark.com/
5 http://affiliated-business.com/
6 http://aixindashi.org/
7 http://atlhtml5.net/
8 http://blogmarks.net/
9 http://bookmarkbook.org/
10 http://bookmarkingbase.com/
11 http://bookmarkok.com/
12 http://bookurlinks.xyz/
13 http://cloudytags.com/
14 http://coolpot.com/
15 http://cosap.org/
16 http://dailybookmarking.com/
17 http://dotnetkicks.com/
18 http://dupioneer.com/
19 http://emolinks.com/
20 http://findnerd.com/
21 http://gen-eff.net/
22 http://highdabookmarking.com/
23 http://jofrati.net
24 http://kestrin.net/
25 http://linkarena.com/
26 http://linkfaves.xyz/
27 http://listbookmarking.com/
28 http://london8.net
29 http://lymelightwebs.net/
30 http://milocalbuilder.com/
31 http://moretreat.com/
32 http://nycweboy.net/
33 http://onpageseopro.com/
34 http://pinboard.in/
35 http://pineapple.io/
36 http://pipinews.com/
37 http://relevare.net/
38 http://risecsp.net
39 http://scoophot.com/
40 http://sfcsf.org/
41 http://socialbookmarkinghq.com/
42 http://tatvanstories.com/
43 http://theafricavoice.com/
44 http://twitxr.com
45 http://urgodermyl.com/
46 http://url.org/
47 http://wirefan.com/
48 http://www.a2zbookmarking.com/
49 http://www.a2zbookmarks.com/
50 http://www.activebookmarks.com/
51 http://www.addthismark.com/
52 http://www.addusastory.com/
53 http://www.akonter.com
54 http://www.appstunes.com/
55 http://www.augmentedviews.com/
56 http://www.backlinksplanet.com/
57 http://www.blokube.com/
58 http://www.bongaa.net/
59 http://www.bookmark4you.com/
60 http://www.bookmarkbook.org/
61 http://www.bookmarkcart.info/
62 http://www.bookmarkdeal.com/
63 http://www.bookmarkdiary.com/
64 http://www.bookmarkfeeds.com/
65 http://www.bookmarkfollow.com/
66 http://www.bookmarkgolden.com/
67 http://www.bookmarkgroups.com/
68 http://www.bookmarkingbase.com/
69 http://www.bookmarkinghost.info/
70 http://www.bookmarkmaps.com/
71 http://www.bookmarks2u.com/
72 http://www.bookmarktheme.com/
73 http://www.bookmarktou.com/
74 http://www.bookmarkwiki.com/
75 http://www.bookmax.net/
76 http://www.braniewo.net/
77 http://www.bsocialbookmarking.info/
78 http://www.clickone.co.in/
79 http://www.crazybacklink.com/
80 http://www.designfloat.com/
81 http://www.do-it-mobile.com/
82 http://www.earcon.org/
83 http://www.emolinks.com/
84 http://www.ezyspot.com
85 http://www.facecool.com/
86 http://www.fearsteve.com/
87 http://www.festivals.ipt.pw/
88 http://www.flybacklinks.com/
89 http://www.folkd.com/
90 http://www.fortunetelleroracle.com/
91 http://www.goldenmidas.net/
92 http://www.greateststory.info/
93 http://www.hotbookmarking.com/
94 http://www.indofeed.com/
95 http://www.inshareeb.com/
96 http://www.jodohkita.info/
97 http://www.juttiesk.info/
98 http://www.klinkk.com
99 http://www.linkagogo.com/
100 http://www.linkzroll.info/

5. Social Media Engagements

By publishing your articles on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram,… you may get extra Traffic for your site.

In fact, you have to do only one time the above techniques, But for getting extra traffic you have to share your blogs on social-media after every Article-Publishing on your site. There are several plugins are available for Autopost which means Share your blogs directly from your website to your Social Media Accounts.

This is the best way to drive traffic, In fact, many of the bloggers are only do This for getting traffic.

6. Forum Submissions

This is another way to create More backlinks of your site, Under this, we reply for the topics related to any topics just like a question-answer site like Quora. This one is the Trending Off-page SEO technique.

Ask any Query or questions on these platforms or may also give the answer to any topics. The best example is Google Question Hub where google will send Traffic to your site HOW?

6 Best Tips & Tricks for Affiliate Marketing

Like Quora, Question-Hub is the Google platform for asking the Answer of the Question. You may just log in to the questions hub and Give you a blog link as an answer to the relevant questions.

7. Press-Release

Press Release Submission is the way of getting more Backlinks by publishing Articles on the Trending and New Events. This is done by Most of the Product Promotions and Service promotions.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in 2020

You have seen many of the Service providers are do submissions in the PR list for getting their customers well Update about their Products & Services. You may also publish your Articles on the press-release website. This is the Submission of popularizing events therefore this will give Faster & Better Result.

40+ Press Release Sites-Best Off-Page SEO techniques

S.no Press-Release Sites
1 http://prsync.com/
2 http://scoopasia.com/
3 http://www.easy-pressrelease.com/
4 http://www.exactrelease.org/
5 http://www.free-news-distribution.com/
6 http://www.free-press-release.com/
7 http://www.freeprnews.co.uk/
8 http://www.hungarynewswire.com/
9 http://www.marketpressrelease.com/
10 http://www.postafreepressrelease.com/
11 http://www.pr4links.com/
12 http://www.pr9.net/
13 http://www.prbd.net/
14 http://www.pressreleaseping.com/
15 http://www.pressreleasepoint.com/
16 http://www.prfree.org/
17 http://www.prweb.com/
18 http://www.theopenpress.com/
19 http://www.thepressrelease.org/
20 https://clickpress.com/releases/
21 https://express-press-release.net/
22 https://newpressrelease.com/
23 https://onlineprnews.com/
24 https://pressexposure.com/
25 https://realtimepressrelease.com/
26 https://release-news.com/
27 https://ukprwire.com/
28 https://www.1888pressrelease.com/
29 https://www.24-7pressrelease.com/
30 https://www.briefingwire.com/
31 https://www.forpressrelease.com/
32 https://www.free-press-release-center.info/
33 https://www.freeprnow.com/
34 https://www.freeprnow.com/
35 https://www.newswire.ca/
36 https://www.newswiretoday.com/
37 https://www.npr.org/
38 https://www.openpr.com/
39 https://www.pressbox.com/
40 https://www.prfire.co.uk/
41 https://www.pr-inside.com/
42 https://www.prlog.org/
43 https://www.prnewswire.com/
44 https://www.prurgent.com/
45 https://www.wesrch.com/

8. Web 2.o

It is one of the best Article sharing platforms & it will give you the quick results also. It includes Tumblr, Medium, Digg, Reddit, Gravatar…

Under this, you have an opportunity to Collab with other Brands. So post your Best Articles/Blogs over there for instant results.

9. Directory Submission

Submission of directories is one of the Easiest ways to creating 1000+ backlinks in a very short time. There are so many website Submission Directory Websites available on the internet.

Where you’ll submit your website either by Free or by paid. More submission of website=More Backlinks, There are so many categories of Submissions like Instant Approval(Paid), Search Engine Submission, Listing Websites, E.t.c.

10. Article Submission

I have stated above that sharing your Articles on Article-Submissions site as well as on Social media also. Article submissions are the Best way to create 100+ Backlinks in just one click.

If you have written an article of 1000+ words and put 20-30 Internal or outbound Links on it. and, when you share your post on Submission sites then your Every link is a Backlink for you. It was one of the best off-page SEO techniques.

50+ Article Submission Sites

1 http://adarticles.net/
2 http://articlecatalog.com/
3 http://articlicious.com/
4 http://chotanimbu.ooo/
5 http://ezinearticles.com/
6 http://ezinemark.com/
7 http://largearticle.com/
8 http://learnnpublish.com/
9 http://letsbefamous.com/
10 http://moodydose.com/
11 http://uberarticles.com/
12 http://whazzup-u.com/profiles/blog/list
13 http://www.123articleonline.com/
14 http://www.a1articles.com/
15 http://www.addyourstory.info/
16 http://www.amazines.com/
17 http://www.articlealley.com/
18 http://www.articlebiz.com/
19 http://www.articlebliss.com/
20 http://www.article-buzz.com/
21 http://www.articledirectoryusa.com/
22 http://www.articledoctor.com/
23 http://www.articlegeek.com/
24 http://www.articlekit.com/
25 http://www.articles.gappoo.com/
26 http://www.articles.org/
27 http://www.articlesbd.com/
28 http://www.articlescad.com/
29 http://www.articleseen.com/
30 http://www.articlesfactory.com/
31 http://www.articleslist.net/
32 http://www.articlesphere.com/
33 http://www.articlespromoter.com/
34 http://www.articleuploads.com/
35 http://www.bharatbhasha.com/
36 http://www.dailykhoz.com/
37 http://www.dime-co.com/
38 http://www.easy-articles.com/
39 http://www.encodinghub.com/insertarticles/
40 http://www.galoor.com/
41 http://www.goarticles.info/
42 http://www.goyourstory.com/
43 http://www.howtoadvice.com/
44 http://www.infobarrel.com/
45 http://www.insertarticles.info/
46 http://www.libervis.com/
47 http://www.linkcompose.com/
48 http://www.magportal.com/
49 http://www.myarticle.com/
50 http://www.netezinearticles.com/
51 http://www.openarticles.com/
52 http://www.pubarticles.com/
53 http://www.readezarchive.com/
54 http://www.realestateproarticles.com/
55 http://www.rebelmouze.com/
56 http://www.saching.com/
57 http://www.simplysearch4it.com/
58 http://www.stillbonarticles.com/
59 http://www.streetarticles.com/
60 http://www.thearticlebuzz.com/
61 http://www.threadwatch.org/
62 http://www.upublish.info/
63 http://www.webmasterslibrary.com/
64 http://www.zimbio.com/
65 https://article999.com/
66 https://articlehomes.com/
67 https://articles.abilogic.com/
68 https://articlesforwebsite.com/
69 https://awebcity.com/
70 https://go2article.com/
71 https://hubpages.com/
72 https://www.allthewebsites.org/
73 https://www.apsense.com/
74 https://www.articlecede.com/
75 https://www.articlecity.com/
76 https://www.articlecube.com/
77 https://www.articleside.com/
78 https://www.articleslash.net/
79 https://www.hitarticle.com/
80 https://www.isnare.com/
81 https://www.otherarticles.com/
82 https://www.pr4-articles.com/
83 https://www.selfgrowth.com/
84 https://www.sooperarticles.com/


Ready to Rank Your Website? Conclusion

As a blogger, I know that it is very difficult to rank a website by doing Content writing, SEO, SMO, at the same time. I’ve Clear two of the main topic of Digital Marketing i.e What is Off-page SEO? & Off-page SEO Techniques that help you a lot in 2020. Follow the steps in this Article and Rank your website or blog very easily.

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