5 Ultimate SEO Tips to get Massive Traffic on the website-What is an SEO?

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Get Organic Traffic On the Website- Best SEO Tips-What is an SEO?

After Backlinks Traffic is the Most Beautiful word for the Bloggers are Digital Marketers But the Question is How to grow your webpage or Business Organically, And How to Get traffic on The website, What are the Best SEO tips for Traffic & What is an SEO? How to Do it. Today we are gonna talk about these things.

Before we are gonna talk about Traffic Let’s talk about what is Organic Traffic? How many types of traffic are there for Growing online business. The very Simple Definition of traffic is How much Unique/Regular Visitors visit your webpage per day/month is known as Traffic.

As I mentioned above that this is the 2nd most favorite word for the bloggers because without traffic they can’t get Good Engagements between them & their Readers. There are basically 2 types of traffic are available Organic & Paid Traffic.

  • Organic Traffic:– This Kind of traffic is very common & Everybody wants this traffic for their business. It means you’re getting traffic to your blog post Automatically. After writing your blog post & Optimizing it a little bit by SEO, It will get automatic traffic.

How Organic Traffic Works? It’s Very Simple, It is done by On-page SEO. Doing Proper Keyword Stuffing in Webpage or a Blogpost gives you the Result in organic traffic.

  • Paid Traffic:- It is the part of Off-page SEO, It is kind of promoting your Blog post & Getting Traffic for which some kind of amount is invested. For example Ads, Like Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Linkedin Ads,…

How Paid Traffic Works? It is very simple but it includes some Strategy Works Like Targeting Right Audience for according to your niche, right Age Groups, Right Geographical Boundaries,e.t.c

What is SEO? & How SEO works in 2020

The Definition of SEO is Optimising a Particular blog post or a whole website, SEO is the Most Important Module of Digital-Marketing. It clearly defines that writing a blog or making a website is not enough.

For ranking, your site in Every Search Engines you have to do proper SEO of your online business. There are also So many Factors that are available Under SEO which helps you to rank your site.

Now, The main thing is How SEO works- Search Engines Google, Bing, yahoo, e.t.c. are worked as a Bot who crawl a website or a blog post. The main SEO factor is keywords on which basis the website or a blog post will rank in the search engines.

Crawlers will crawl your Indexed Blog post only for checking that what your post has Contains, Is there any Update available on it. So the Crawlers can feed all the details of your post. There are 2 types of SEO are there:-

  • On-Page SEO:- This kind of SEO has done on the internal Site, It means optimizing your blog post by optimizing the Blog itself. For Example Stuffing Keyword (Low competition) in your blog post for getting traffic on it is known as On-Page SEO.

Now you can see that I will do SEO on my post Internally for getting traffic, I don’t promote my post any outsider sites or apps.

You may also hear about the On-Site SEO– It means to do proper SEO on the Whole Site Like Doing Keyword Stuffing, Image Alt Text, Permalinks, Title Tags, Keyword Density,  Meta-Description,…

  • Off-Page SEO:- This kind of SEO has done outside of the Site, Promotion our post or site on other Platforms Like Promoting post by Paid method or either Off-page SEO methods.

For SEO Both of the On & Off-Page SEO is important Only On-page and only Off-page is not enough for Ranking a Site.

Basically Promotion of our post on the Outside/Other Platforms Like Commenting on sites, Backlinks, Article-Publishing, Web-Submission,… is known as Off-page SEO.

Following are the 5 SEO Tips to Grow your Web-Page Fastly:-

1. High-Quality Content

The Pillar of any Post or Blog is Content, Your blog will brank or not it will completely depend on your Content. How Good & Rich is your content, Forgetting Massive traffic Content should be Unique & Legit.

The Content is the King, I sure you have listened to this slogan many times. It is important because what you wanted to show your readers, It will seed by your content. The following are the steps to create High-Quality Content.

1.1 Professionalism

One of the most Premium thing which everyone wanted to do with their blog, But the question is What are the Things which makes our blog Professional?

There are several things on which we have to give focus like:-

  • Grammatical Errors
  • Heading Distributions
  • Paragraph Distribution
  • Use Image for Attraction

1.2 Unique Content

The Important part for every new Blogger because Every new blogger will do this mistake in his starting days. It is Copyrighted content. And Copyrighted contents never be ranked in any search engine.

The Duplicate content has been already being ranked in Search engines. Therefore your copied content never be ranked in any search engine. So, make your content original for your blog post.

1.3 Style of posting Content

The Vibe for which any reader will read a Blog that is Content Posting Style, I’ve said many times that Article & A blog is different from each other.

Blogging means to express the views of a blogger against the topic (On which he is writing the blog). For Example, My writing style is like I’m talking with my readers. So, Give that charm & vibe to your blog post.

best-seo-tips/What is an SEO/Why SEO is important?/How SEO works/imsharmauttam

2. High Volume but Low Competition Keywords

The important factor of ranking a website or a blog is the Keyword, It has so much potential to rank a website by it ownself without doing any Off-page SEO. But the main factor is to find and choose the perfect keyword for the blog.

For example, if you are writing a lifestyle-related blog & you are putting Blogging related keyword then your Blog never ranked in search engines. The only toughest job in this field is to find the right keywords.

The following are the points of How to Find Keywords & Do Placement.

2.1 Keywords

I’ve stated above that keyword has so much potential ranking factor to rank a blog post, But the question is which keyword has to be inserted in our Post. You see the topic name is Low Competition but High Volume Keyword.

It means Find that keyword which has a very Low Competition as well as Low SEO & Paid Difficulty but It has A Good Search Volume.

For Example, If you have a new website that keyword which has SEO difficulty around 1-20 & Volume as much as it is.

2.2 Keywords Placement

Now its time for Keyword Placement, It is true that keywords will rank your website fastly. For this, you have to insert the keyword very Politely & at the Right Place.

For example, Main Keyword has to Repeated at least 4-5 times according to your blog length, Main Keyword has to be in Title as well as Meta-Description, The keyword has to be in Heading as well as Sub-Headings, e.t.c

2.3 Keywords-Ideas

The Important thing is how to find Keyword & get ideas, I’ve seen so many ranked posts which have no keyword inserted rather they are ranked. if you make your own keyword by doing online research, then there are so many chances of ranking your post.

Otherwise, there are so many Seo tools are available which helps you to find the perfect keyword for your blog post like Ubbersuggest, Semrush, Google-Ads, e.t.c. you can also find your Content ideas with these tools.

3. Off-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Almost Every Digital Marketer & New Bloggers wanted to get huge traffic, but they don’t know what is the best way to do Off-Page SEO? I’ve also mentioned above that How SEO Works? & How to Do SEO.

At this point, I’m going to tell you that What are the Best Ranking factors of Off-Page SEO? Off-page SEO is the sub-Module of digital Marketing. Following are the some best & Important Off-page SEO Tips:-

  • Backlinks:- Create High-Quality Backlinks of your Website. backlinks work as Referring Link from Another website to your website & Vice-versa.
  • Article-Publishing:- Publish your Article on Article-Publishing Sites like Tumblr, Reddit, E-zine Articles, E.t.c.
  • Web-Submissions:- Submit your website or Blog post Link every Directory Listings.
  • Commenting Sites:- The Best way to create Backlinks & getting traffic is to comment on every website. And, don’t forget to leave your website link.
  • Guest Blogging:- The Modern Era style of creating backlinks is to Post your website to other Bloggers website as Guest Blogging.

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4. Marketing Strategies-Social Media Marketing(SMM)

After doing everything in keyword its time for doing some marketing. You may also that this is the part of Off-page SEO because it is a type of promotional strategy for getting traffic on the website.

But, the fact is it means getting traffic from only Social Media Platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, E.t.c. There are also some Article-Publishing Sites which is Not countable in Social-media like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Quora, e.t.c.

Following are the Steps for Starting Successfully SMM & How to Grow your Website fastly:-

4.1 How to Start SMM

  • For Starting SMM, First, you need to make your accounts in Every Platform where you can share your Articles or Blog Links.
  • After Making an Account On every Platform It’s time for Posting Blog posts on every Social-media platform.
  • Many of the Social-Media Platforms does not contain any Written Sharable Item Like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, e.t.c. On those platforms, we have to post the Image & URL of the blog post.

4.2 Social media Optimization(SMO)

After Starting SMM It is the time for doing Social Media Optimization. It means to optimize Social-Media accounts for getting views, Likes, Comments & Shares on it.

For that Follow peoples according to your niche & Do Comments, Likes, e.t.c on their post for getting Return Likes, impressions, Comments, E.t.c.

4.3 Promotional Strategy

The above point shows that how to get traffic on the website through Social media Organically. And, this point will show that How you can get Traffic by Promotional method. There are so many platforms that are available for this like Google ads, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn Ads, Tumblr ads,…

Promotional means to make your website Ads and Runs it on Every Social media Platform for a limited time period. But the Best Promotional Platform is Facebook, here you can run your ads at a very cheap price as compared to other Platforms.

I suggest you Do this only if you have an Affiliate or a Selling type niche. You can also use this for Expanding your Community/Page/Getting traffic on the website.

5. Target Right Audience

Targeting Audience is the part of SMM which is also a part of-Page SEO. Now the question is why I’m putting it here not in the above point. Targeting Right Audience is looking like a very easy & simple process but it not.

Not is the Blogging Industry In fact, If you are doing some kind of Online-Marketing then you have to know the right audience according to your niche. Not Even in Blogging, you may also need this in Affiliate Marketing, Vlogging, Product & Service website, E.t.c.

But the Question How you can Fing Right Audience according to your Niche. The following are the points that will show you how to Find Right Audience for Online Marketing. This is one of the best SEO tips for Affiliate Marketers.

5.1 Geographic Boundaries

One of the most important factors of SMM is geographical Boundaries. If you are going with SMM for Promotion then remember one thing choose only that Location, From where you can get More Conversions, Leads, or Traffic on the website or blog post.

For Example, If you are a Blogger then you may know one thing that UK, USA, Canada, Australi, E.t.c visitors are more Engageable as compared to the other Countries.

If you are using Facebook for marketing then Choose wisely your Geographical boundaries, According to your niche. One thing Remember Facebook is one of the Best & Cheap platforms for doing Promotions, you may get huge Compensation in your Bidding Budget. If you are Choosing Such Countries where is very low competition in your Miche.

5.2 Age Groups

Another Best part of promotion is you have freedom of choosing Age Groups. Age groups, you have to show your Ad. The best part is if you are promoting some Health & Beauty product, you can promote it very curiously according to its Age Group which is something 18 above. This will help you to get a huge amount of traffic on the website.

5.3 Interest Group

The Important part of promotion is Show your Ads only that peoples who are related to your niche. For Example, If you are promoting Men’s Product then you have the liberty to share your Ad only with men’s. And This will also reduce your Ad Budget.


These are 5 Local SEO Tips to Grow your Website very gently and, Get huge traffic on the website. I know there are also so many other Best SEO tips that are available which can also help you lot. But I’ve put down the most Important & Easy steps for growing the website position.

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