5 Things to do During COVID-19

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5 Things to do During COVID-19/Things to do in Quarantine

As you know we all are Suffering from a Pandemic Situation of Novel Coronavirus, You all know that there are Millions of Confirmed cases of COVID-19. Apart from this Govt. has taken Action against it by Complete Lockdown In the Whole Country. So, We are Gong to Discussed 5 Things to do During COVID-19.

Everyone is in the Self-Quarantined So, Everybody wants to know what to do in this Quarantined Period.

Following are the 5 Things to do During COVID-19

1. Quit your Bad Habits

If you are trying from many times to quit a bad habit or You want to Learn Good Habits the this is a Golden Opportunity for you. In this Lockdown period, you may do these things very well like you quit Smoking if you, Quit your Sugar dependence, E.t.c.

Same as you may adopt good habits like Exercise daily, Reading Articles or blogs, Develop your personality skills, E.t.c. Yeah, I know it is very difficult to quit something and Adopts something new in our daily life.

But I am telling you the secret of Quit or Adopting something fresh in life. So, Do whatever you want to do New for only 21 days. After that, you realize that the fresh thing you adopted now is your daily routine as it becomes a habit. Same in the case of quit something Do do that thing for 21 days.

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2. Chanting

You may hear about it in one in life that chanting is good for health and especially for mental health. So it also an Opportunity to start chanting in this Lock-down period.

You may chant and Meditate as well it will give your body and Mind a Relax. You may chant OM or any other Mantra for Meditation.

If you chant at least 108 times of any mantras which are also known as One Mala you’ll see Positive Energy in yourself as well as your day is gone full of energy.

3. Upgrade your Skills

Now, Don’t compare this topic to above, In this Pandemic Situation, you may also learn Something Fresh Skills like communication skills, vocabulary skills, English speaking, Daily Articles Reading, E.t.c.

Actually, You may also increase your existing efficiency like in which kind of skill you are good, you may polish that Skill in this lockdown. In fact, many of the Digital Influencers or Entrepreneurs are working very hard in this situation for a better tomorrow.

You may also find something new in this situation related to your work or you may also find what you do after this lockdown.

4. Spend your time with your family

Many of the individuals are always talking about that they don’t have much time for their family. Now you have a great time spending your time with your family.

Do your work by home and after that at evening spent your time with your children’s/family. you may do gardening with your children, play games with your family, means to enjoy this time with your family. 

You may also read online ebooks or do the cooking in this period. For learning, you may join several Platforms like Zoom app., hangouts, For great conferencing of business management and others. If you are Self-Quarantined then this is the Best thing from 5 Things to do During COVID-19 to do in this Lockdown Period. 

5. Make your Physique

All the individuals who wanted to build their muscles but due to reason of some kind they can’t do. Now the time is your’s make your Physique in this lockdown. Self Quarantine yourself and start workout over your physique. This one is the best from the 5 Things to do During COVID-19.

You may do Yoga, Cardio Exercise, Heavy Workout, E.t.c. If you don’t have any of the Gym Equipments Rather you’ll make your physique very well by doing Pushups, Pullups, Jumping, Spot Running, E.t.c. These are the very basic exercise for any beginner. Now, this exercise will help you a lot.


There are many things you can do now in this Lockdown but these are some basic and casual things which everyone can do in this situation. I’ve put down some of the basic and Evergreen 5 Things to do During COVID-19 which anyone can do at any time like in holidays also.

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