5 Ways to quit Masturbation in 2020

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How to Stop Masturbation in 2020

If we are talking about Quit Masturbation then we have to know about What is Masturbation? It is a Normal Sexual Activity which relaxes the mind and relives the stress of an individual. It is the kind of activity that people want to enjoy Sexually.

How does it work?

When an individual watches some kind of Romantic scenes or Adult movies. Then the individual’s heartbeats increase very rapidly & at the same time, his body’s sexual Pleasure has started. Afterward, people will start doing masturbating for Sexual Relief and Mental Relief.

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If you masturbate daily the there are 2 possibilities Either Normal or Either you are Habitual/Addicted. Eventually, it is a Normal Activity, In a Survey, it was founded that 74% of Male and 48% of females Masturbates only in America at the age of 1518.

Look If are watching some kind of Sexual Content like Adult Movies, Pornography, E.t.c and that time you Masturbates, it is normal

But, If you are not watching any kind 0f Sexual Contents and rather your body and mind want that kind of satisfaction which comes after masturbation that means you are Addicted/Habitual. Because After watching any adult scenes it will activate your Sexual Pleasure that is why it’s Normal.

Without watching any kind of sexual content, your mind was finding Relaxation of like Masturbation then it is not normal. So, After Doing Masturbation for a very long time Everyone wants to Quit but ver less are successful.

Today I’m going to tell you that How you Quit very Easily masturbation in this Lockdown situation because this is the time when peoples are free, And their mind wants satisfaction with sexual pleasure.

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Why Quit masturbation?

As I mentioned above that this is a normal activity but sometimes Peoples are Addicted/Habitual to it like when they are alone they wanted to do Masturbation. But doing, again and again, It will give the Next Level Satisfaction but it causes other problems related to physical as well as mental health.

Like Skin Irritation, Itching, Mental Diseases, Laziness, Dark Eye Circles, Hair Loss… Almost every individual wants to stop it if he is Habitual but they can’t and also it is not easy.

I make my Blogs very simple and friendly there are 5 Ways to Stop Masturbation:-

1. Be in Friend’s Circle

Above I have stated that the main reason for masturbating is feeling Loneliness, especially in this Lockdown Position. Individuals Feel alone themselves and they start masturbating to fill the gap of loneliness.

But, It has seen that If an individual meets with their friend circle they’ll be busy and redirect to their focuses from masturbation to others.

If someone meets with their relatives then the mind is in the stage of relationship and friends So you may distract your mind from doing masturbation.

2. Consult a doctor

If you see some kind of negative reactions of masturbation the Consult with a doctor or a specialist who is professional in this field.

Sometimes it hurts much as we think, Also there are some myths about it. Like Blindness and Mental Disorders but, these are not true.

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It is trued that if you are doing continuously there are several chances of skin irritation, Guilt, laziness, Always Bored, Edema, E.t.c.

I suggest you that Take it seriously if you find something this in yourselves & consult with a doctor quickly.

3. NO Porn

Porn is the main Reason for Masturbation, If you have a mindset to stop this activity then don’t watch Pornography contents. After watching pornography it releases sexual pleasures and people can’t control themselves.

First, you have to stop watching these kinds of contents, If you give a break to watching porn movies then this will also break your addiction.

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It is very difficult to quit porn also, You may use filters on your E-devices to block the website after sometimes this may restrict you to watch Pornography.

Just make a mindmap to not watching porn films and then Busy with your daily life there are chances of again masturbation with a Gap one or two days. But it is fine because it is starting.


4. Schedule Exercise

The best way to quit, Join the GYM if you are able. Otherwise, you may maintain your physique in your home By doing Routine Exercise.

Exercise is a very strong segment for quit anything like Smoking, Masturbation, E.t.c. Scheduled Exercise means to make your Day schedule what you have to do in a day. Choose a time for doing Exercise, this will help you to stay active in your daily life.

Learning a new skill or develop your personality is a way of distraction from porn movies & Masturbation. It will work that time when the Urge of Masturbation is increasing & at that time your mind will planning for other activities.

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5. Always Busy

Don’t waste your time, this thing I have mentioned many times on my Lifestyle blogs. Do whatever you want to do but don’t sit alone.

You may play games, Read Novels/Books, Stories, E.t.c when you have nothing to do, The best thing I’ve explained above Do exercise. If you are busy in several activities then your mind is not in the situation to think anything about Masturbation. This will break the chain of Habitual masturbation-activity.

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This is difficult to quit Masturbation if this will become you one of the habits But If you set your mind to stop doing this. I’ve also mentioned above that, At staring go for Gap of 1-2 days & this will increase your will power to stop it. So, if you are want to quit masturbation then read all the points & Live Happy and Healthy Life.


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