7 Awesome On-Page SEO Tips for WordPress-How does SEO Works?

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Best Seo Tips For WordPress Users Rank In Google 1st page_ On-Page SEO Tips

If you visited the first time on my website then I want to tell you that I’ve uploaded many interesting articles on Blogging, You may also read that. In this blog, we are going to discuss the topic of On-Page SEO tips & tricks for WordPress, How to rank on Google’s first page, How Does SEO works in 2020?, What is SEO? e.t.c.

Before talking about Best On-Page SEO Tricks & Tips lets discuss What is SEO? It stands for Search Engine Optimisation which means Optimizing your Website by the Content or Website Designs for Appearing in Search Engines Fastly.

Basically it is the process of ranking any website in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo,… With the help of SEO, you can get High Organic/Un-paid traffic for your Blog or Website.

How does SEO works in 2020- What is SEO?

There are many Search-Engines Like Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, Uc-Browser, e.t.c they will Crawl your Particular Blog and Website. They will check your Content, Design, Domain Authority(DA),…

All the search engines check which type of content are you providing to their User’s & Also How user-friendly is your website for the users. The whole process is called Crawling.

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If you Improve your SEO then this will help you to get Rank faster in all the search engines, You are not only Run your site There are several Others also. So, Whose SEO is Good, There Site or Blog will Ranked Faster than others.

For example below the Image is Randomly searched Keyword, You’ll see that there are 1 results only for the 1 keyword. That means the First site Owner has done a Proper & Good SEO over Website, That’s why he is in the No.1 position.


Let’s Start our Best 7 Best On-page SEO Tricks & Tips for WordPress which help you to rank in search engines fastly:-

1. Good-Content

One of the best things that will improve your website ranking is Quality-Content and Unique content. You’ve heard about that Content is the King. Whatever is your website but you have Quality content on it and also it has to User’s Friendly.

You have seen many of the New Bloggers will use Word Spinner for better results But this is not work in 2020. It is a very old trick & You have to know about Google that he will change their Algorithms very Fastly.

The 2nd thing is Short contents, nowadays 500-600 word article is not working. Write Rich content and Long Contents remove the barrier of 1000 words for better results.

More words in Blog you have more opportunity to Insert Keywords on it. Write Unique, SEO friendly articles for Rank fastly in search engines. As I have mentioned on the above para HOW DOES SEO WORKS?

2. Meta-Description/Good-Snippet

It is a short description of your Blog, This Describes your whole blog in less than 100 words. Whatever you searched on search engines you’ll see this.

The Blue line which is your blog title is known as Blue Title Tag and the Short Description of Blog is Known as Meta-Description. They all are known as Snippets in one word.


For better Ranking Put some Attractive keywords on it because this will going to describe your whole blog in Few Words. If you are using WordPress then you’ll see the right side there is a column of Tags, Put some related tags on it related to your blog.

You have also the option of Keyword phrases if you are using WordPress, You have to install the Yoast SEO plugin for it. Put some keyphrase on it which you use on the blog.

3. Keywords

The keyword plays a Major Important role in SEO or either Content-writing. Whenever you are writing a Blog Put Ony Low Competition keywords on it, If you put high competitive keywords on your blog then forget that your blog will ever Rank on Search-Engines. If you are using WordPress then download the YoastSEO-plugin for a better experience.

Make your Headings and Sub-headings of Low competitive keywords and also put it on Keyword focus, Tags, Meta-description, Title Tag,… for quick results. Keyword Most Important part of On-Page SEO.

For Inserting Keyword on your Blog, you may take the help of several Keyword Tool like Ubbersuggest, Google Ads, Keyword Shitter, E.t.c. I personally use Google Ads & Ubbersuggest, After searching the keyword see that keyword which has a Low Competition in the market.

  • If you are finding Keywords for your Blog then don’t forget to use SERP(Search Engine Results Page) ranking. You have noticed many times that at the end of the page there are some Related Searches also available.

Use that also and the best part is there is a tool available in the market that is Keyword shitter. you’ll get 1000+ SERP keywords with the help of this tool for your blog.

Another thing was that Don’t out Keyword in the Wrong Formation For Example I have a keyword “Best SEO Tips” it is not the right way to insert it. You have to insert it like “best-SEO-tips-in-2020”. You may also use (+) on the place of (-).

4. Alt-Text of Images

Another thing which is Ignored by almost all the new bloggers that they don’t give ant alt text image for their image. alt text is also the part of keywords.

As I mentioned in the above point that Inserts more keyword for better ranking, Alt text is also used for the Keyword-phrases. Put Low competition keyword in the image alt text.

You have also the option of Description and Caption you may use both for inserting keywords on your image. But Why the Alt text is Important for readers as well as SEO? 

If Crawlers have to Crawl your website then they will also check your image Alt-text, caption, Description. If you have provided all, Then this is a Good impact of SEO. Crawlers will rank your website fastly.

5. Responsive Web-Page

Another important thing is Page speed, make your page user friendly as well as Responsive which means Decrease your Page loading time for your readers. It is an important SEO tip for WordPress users.

You think that have you ever visited that page which has a Lazy loading page “No”. So, if your Landing Page is not open fastly then Why visitor will visit your site?.

If you are using WordPress then there are so many Plugins are available which can optimize your site like WpOptimizeSmushW3 Total cache,…

Also, Optimize your Images for increasing the speed of the Website and Remove all the cache memory of your site at least 2-3 times a week. You may also use the W3Total cache plugin for this.

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6. Keyword Density

After writing the blog it is very important to check the Keyword Density Checker. It means in your blog how many times the same word will repeat.

For example, if you have written an article of 1000 words and there are more than 20 words are the same or repeated, this is not good for the SEO point of view.

Keyword density has to be between 1.00%-2.00%, this is the best density for the most repeated in the blog. I suggest you that don’t repeat the same words again & again, you may use phrases in the place of that word.

7. Internal-Linkings

The best SEO Strategy for Grabbing the viewers is Do More Internal Linkings in your blog. If a reader will read your blog and he finds another link on your blog related to your niche, there are several chances that he’ll also read that blog.

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Not just internal linkings also insert some Outbound links(From your website to another website) you may add this for the convenience for your readers.


Remember one thing that it depends on you that how good you are in this field, basically you have to think beyond the search engines like make your own strategies. In this blog, I tell you the 7 Best & Awesome On-Page SEO Tips for WordPress Users. I also tell you that How does SEO works in 2020? for WordPress users.

Think that if you are a reader of a Blog then what will you want on that blog to find out that & Optimize your website or Blog. There are many Techniques for increasing SEO but I put some of the Important & Easy Tips for Optimizing SEO.


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