7 Benefits of Drinking Water- How much drinking water in a day

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Benefits of Drinking Enough Water every day-How much water should I be drinking in a day

Water is a daily necessity item that we use in our daily life & Drinking water is one of that habit which is also necessary for our Health, Necessary part of our daily life. so, Basically in this blog, we gonna discuss the Drinking Water Everyday Benefits, 7 Benefits of Drinking Water, How much drinking water in a day, e.t.c.

Drinking water is a common activity of our daily life, But the question is what’s inside water has? It can help in Losing weight a well as Good for Skin. The question is How? I think First we have to discuss what is Water? or H20.

The Clear definition of water is it is tasteless, colorless, odorless, Liquid, which will be founded in Rivers, Lakes, Oceans, Et.c.

In fact, 70% of our body is made up of Water, If you feel dehydrated or Short from Water then it hurts you physically as well as mentally.

How much drinking water in a day

As I mentioned above that In a day our body is Losing Water many times by Urine & Sweat. For Recovering our body with Dehydration it’s mandatory to drink water for every human being. So Before we are going to talk about the Benefits of Drinking Water every day, Let’s try to understand How much water should I be drinking in a day.

According to many health specialists around 2.5 liters water is recommended for drinking, But many of the health advisors are recommended that drink water after every few hours(Drink water Constantly).

There are also so many Myths related to Drinking Water like Is Drinking Water Helps to Lose-Weight?, Is drinking Enough water helps in Face Cleaning?, E.t.c.

Look I have mentioned above that Our Body is made up of Cell which needs Water for surviving, So there are so many peoples who said that if you are not hydrated your body then there are possibilities of Mental as well as Physical Suffering.

Following are the 7 Drinking-Water Everyday Benefits

1. It helps in clearing the Face Wrinkles

According to the Study, Every 2/10th of women are feeling free from the wrinkles, Who are drinking water very Curiously. So You can say that drinking enough water also helps in clearing the face Wrinkles.

Not only Wrinkles but it can also help in Clearing the Dark circles, Old Skin Spots, e.t.c. And, it provides you the glowing and Handsome Face.

The fact of Clearing skin is, so man cells are presented on our face. And, Like our face, there are also so many cells are founded in our body. The magic is that Our cell is made up of water and due to the lack of water our cells do not work perfectly. If your skin is not getting the water perfectly, your skin is getting dry & Rough.

2. It Clears the Skin

Drinking enough water can help to Flush out the waste toxins in the body, And give you a Healthier & Brighter skin. According to specialists Drinking 2-3 glasses of water can increase the Circulation of blood & provides Brighten skin.

There are several other ways also available for skin Brightening Like Adding other ingredients in the water like Basil, Honey, Neem, E.t.c.

As I have stated above that Cells are present in everybody’s part, And the skin is the Largest Organ in our body Drinking water is helps cells for Removing the Impurities of Skin and gives a Bright Tone to Skin.

Benefits of Drinking Water for Skin

  • Helps in Anti Aging
  • Remove all Impurities
  • Beneficial For Wrinkles/Pimples
  • Provides a Tone to Skin
  • Helps in Faster Healing
  • Improve Blood Flow
  • Skin Whitening

3. Drinking-Water helps in Digestion

Before we know that how Drinking Enough water is helpful in Digestion, Let’s understand the Digestion Process. What is Digestion? Basically It is the process of turning Nutrients from Food. The process of Digestion is started since we chew food in our mouth.

After the chewing salivary gland is activated to start the digestion process, Saliva contains Enzymes that help to breakdown the food.

Fluid/Liquid will help the food to get Smoothen to digest, In fact, you have many of the peoples who drink water before taking a meal for Smoothy & Fast Digestion.

No matter what you drink before or after a meal, Our stomach is made to secretes the gastric Juice as well as Enzymes during the process.

4. Helps in Treating Kidney Stones

If you are Drinking Enough Water every day then you’ll never have kidney stone Problem, I have mentioned this several times that drinking enough water is Remove your body toxins & Clear the Urinal organ.

What are Kidney Stones? basically this is the Crystal Form of water which is formed in the Urinary system, And This is very Painful. Many specialists claim that Enough water Intake will Prevent the body from Kidney stones.

Enough Water Intake has Increased the Fluid in the body which helps the Urine to pass from the kidney Fastly, which dilutes the crystalize form of water in Kidney if. All the studies are said that If you will Intake Enough water then there are very few chances of Kidney stones.

5. Capability to fight with Infections

Basically Drinking water has the capability to remove the bacterias through Urine. I have stated both types of bacterias Inside the body as well as Outside of the body. There are both the Possibilities of Infections Like If you are drinking Purified Water then there is very little chance of Causing Infection.

But in some cases kind of infections are also caused by Drinking water. If anyone is drinking Groundwater which has so much Iron as compared to Normal Distilled water.

There is some kind of infections like Kidney Infection, Respiratory Infection, Infection in Food pipe, E.t.c. So many studies also claim that due to poor quality of water has Infected the Organs.

6. Helps To Recover From illness

No doubt, Now you all know the Benefits of Drinking water very well, Another benefit is Enough water can helps your immune system at the time of illness. Our body is formed with billions of cells & they need the Fluid, this will help our body from dehydration.

You have seen man peoples who felt ill & they drink a lot of water during the fever as compared to normal days, The fact behind the activity is Your Boy wants water for recovery.

And, The main point is water also helps the body for Absorbing Nutrients, Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, e.t.c from Food which will Increase body Efficiency.


7. Boost’s Energy

This point I don’t have to tell you because you all know this that the Water can boost up energy around 10-20% very Efficiently. A report claims that Drinking 400-500 milliliters water can instantly Boost Ups your energy Level around 25-30%.

Water will Increase your Body metabolism Very Gently and Efficiently, An Activated metabolism will Provide a Boost up your Body’s Energy.


I wanted to tell you that there are so many different theories are available on the internet related to the same topic, Every individual is giving their own theory for Benefits of Drinking water As well as How Much Drinking Water in a Day.

So, These are the Best 7 Benefits of Drinking water in 2020, You can also read some related articles on Other sites. If you like the blog then don’t forget to comment on it & follow @5050 on Social Media platforms.


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