Why the new bloggers will hate their Job? 7 Things that every BLOGGER will HATE

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7 Things that every BLOGGER will HATE-Why the new bloggers will hate their Job?

There are several reasons for hate to the blogging I’ve made this blog very simple. Today I gonna tell you the 7 Things that every BLOGGER will HATE. As I said there are too many reasons are there that why people will hate blogging/writing but I point out some of them which are very common in this field.

Following are the 7 Things that every BLOGGER will HATE/Why Every New Bloggers will hate their Job:-

1. Time-Consuming

Every blogger will agree with this that blogging is very time-consuming because at the same time you should have to write content on your site, do Proper SEO on-site/content, Rich Content… If anyone talks with anyone on some topic it is easy to understand that on what topic the conversation is going on.

Blogging is also some kind of conversation to readers on a topic, but it is quite difficult to talk with your readers. In the blogging industry, it is difficult for bloggers to do blogging with proper Marketing strategy. if someone writes an article on a topic it will take more than 1 hrs. to complete.

In fact, I also wrote this blog more than 1.5 an hour, and this is enough for misleading writers to their topic. At the time of writing, you have to think about your topic, bloggers have to research their topic then they are going to write their article.

2. Marketing Strategy

It is another big problem in blogging which is the strategy for getting high-quality readers because only publishing articles is not only the task. Just take an example if you buy a Lamborghini and nobody will admire or see it then why you purchased it.

Same in blogging if writers write their articles on their topics and peoples will don’t read it then what is the benefit of writing. So, after publishing blogs the main thing is to find readers (who will read) your articles and this will happen only by a Digital Marketing Strategy.

There are several platforms to start blogging but one of the best is WordPress for writing Independently, Strategy means to promote your articles on Article publishing sites as well as social media which is also known as SMO (Social media optimization) it is a module of digital marketing used for getting traffic on posts or site.

3. Trolling

It is another impact on blogging which is trolling or demotivation which is very bad for anyone. Blogging is not the hi-fi money-making scheme it is all about passion for writing and gives our suggestions to our readers. As I mentioned previously that it so much time is taken, if you have to become successful in this field then you have to take patience.

It is the not process of one day for becoming an Expert or master you have to invest your time as much as you can, The biggest reason for demotivation is Time&Patience as it takes more time as compared to other online work. You have seen many Digital Influencers who will get success in very little time, and the writer will not get it in writing very easily therefore this is the main reason for quit their blogging platform.

So, if you set your mind to start blogging then I would like to suggest you have some Patience in this field, At least 2-3 months post your blogs on WordPress and afterward you may able to get the approval of Adsense, Which is one of the trusted and best platform for making online money by blogging.

4. Monetization

Everyone who is in this market they always want to make huge money by online marketing and as I mentioned in the above points that Blogging is the best way to earn money digitally. You are thinking about now what is wrong with that if blogging will help you earn money.

The thing is about the Privacy policy of Ad networks, You all know that the only way to earn money online by blogging is Running Ads of Advertisers on our blogs. It is not an easy task to stand on the privacy-policy of Ad networks.

As a blogger, you have to understand the Terms & Conditions of the Monetization network (who will monetize your site like Adsense, Media.net, Propeller Ads, Admaven…) if you want to earn money from your blogs. There are several Bloggers who did not monetize their site as they will just provide their suggestions, views,… to their reader.

5. Content-Ideas

Another but very similar problem of every blogger was the ideas of the content because a writer was known for How enthusiastically a writer wrote’s his/her Articles. One of the reasons for quit the Blogging Industry is they have 0 content ideas.

Therefore I said to you that Firstly choose your niche very well, What is a Niche? and then you go for the writing session. Choose only that niche in which you have a piece of good knowledge, don’t go for any other in which you have 0 knowledge about that topic.

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At the start, you will write articles very well but after sometimes you’ll see that you are Out of Content(If you choose some kind of that niche that you have 0 knowledge). If you will go for writing without thinking deeply then there is very little chance of success.

6. Writing

The next thing is writing which is not difficult for that who knows both the languages International English as well as his local. But for a newbie, it is a problem because thinking is much easy than doing. The main problem of writing is from where we have to start & how much we have to write.

Grammatical errors are also a kind of demotivation for every newbie-blogger, but let me tell that I’m also not good at writing rather people read my articles. If you’re publishing your articles daily then you’ll see that you are becoming Good in this day-byday.

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7. Proper SEO

The very important thing that is for every website owner is Proper SEO (Search Engine Operation), Every writer is to know how to write their articles but he doesn’t know how to do SEO on her site/blog.

Only writing is not necessary, You have to get readers who read your articles & for getting your readers you have to do SEO, There are techniques and tricks that a digital marketer will do on websites for ranking fast on search engines by the help of SEO, SMO, SMM, SEM which are modules of digital marketing.


So, these are the 7 reasons that every BLOGGER will HATE which a newbie or beginner will hate in blogging. Who thinks that blogging is to easy they are wrong it is very simple but not an easy task you have to give your 100% effort on it If you want to become a successful blogger.

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