How to Use Facebook for Marketing in 2020-Facebook Marketing Tips

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Top 7 Best Tips for Facebook Marketing- Run FB Ad campaign Successfully in 2020

When we are talking about Promotion the first name that has come on our mind was Facebook Ads. We are going to read Best Tips for Facebook Marketing, How to use Facebook for marketing in 2020,… It is one of the best Ad campaign platforms for every individual.

But, the question is WHY Facebook ads? this is a very interesting question, let me tell you that FB is not only the platform for promotion Brands there are several like Linkedin ads, Tumblr ads, Google ads, E.t.c.

FB ads are very popular and very flexible to use that’s why it is the first choice of every promoter(who wants to promote) for the promotion of any kind products, Brands, Post Engagements, E.t.c.

But, It is difficult to make a proper strategy to Run an Ad campaign many beginners are tensed about the ad strategy. Today I gonna tell you the Top 7 steps for running a successful Ad campaign Follow the steps and make your Successful Ads on Facebook. Steps are as follows:-

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Best Tips for Facebook Marketing-How to Use Facebook for Marketing in 2020:-

1. Target your Audience by Interest Rate

Facebook will provide one of its best features Targeting Audience. You can target your audience by their interest, age, gender, marital status, e.t.c. Take benefit from this feature and only target those individuals which will relevant to your brand.

You may also target your audience by automatic but in the case of products or some kind of brands then sometimes it may not works.

This is because you have chosen your audience Automatically, There are many chances that your post will show that peoples who don’t want that. For example, If you are promoting a Hip-Hop Shoe brand then this will only be loved by Youth which is from 16 to around 30 age groups peoples.

So, If there was a feature of targeting the audience then use it seriously and try to target your own audience.


2. Make your Lead Magnets

Another interesting feature is the lead generation now the question is what is lead generation? It is the process of attracting your customers towards your products and then convert them into your paying customers.

The other best feature of Fb ads is lead-generation. If you run a campaign for 10 days and you’ll get a good number of Leads, Then it is the time to sell your products to your customers.

This was very well on Affiliate Sites, If you want traffic on website or type of post engagements then don’t go for Lead generation. Choose the option of website traffic and Engagements, If you are doing some kind AffiliateMarketing, Webinars, E-books, or any kind of marketing then this will help you a lot.

But, if you are going for this then take your time and make your strategy for Lead-Magnets. The best thing is to make a Landing page which we are gonna talk about in our next topic.

3. Landing Pages/Click/Sales-Funnels

It is one of the best marketing strategies to sell your products to your customers. There are several methods to make Landing pages like make your own website or make click funnels for converting your potential customers into your paying customers.

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How are these funnels Works? The very simple reason is if someone visits on your Ad they will directly go to your sales funnel, And the benefit of sales-funnel is you’ll get everything in on-page.

All the details are under one roof therefore it is very easy for the potential customer to buy your product & become your Paying-Customer.

Description of the product, Importance of Product, Testimonials, Reviews, Rating, all are under one roof. This has become awesome if you’ll do the same thing on the website. In fact, Make an Attractive Landing page and you may also publish your blogs for getting extra traffic.

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4. Competitors Strategy

The best strategy for making a successful ad campaign by targeting your opponent ad campaigns, By following your opposite ad-makers & make your self-ad but opposite to your Competitor’s Ad.

If you and your Competitor running the same strategical campaigns then there’ll be a very low chance to get the expected result So, follow above the steps and make an Effective Ad Campaign which gives you Leads, Engagements, or Website visits.

Fb ads Optimization plays an important role in getting high results, Just making and the campaign is not the solution you have to optimize your FB page(Work continuously on your Fb page).

5. Low Budget

If you are making the first time your Ad campaign then don’t go for a high budget, If you are following the above steps then you’ll see that there are several options to make your budget low with a highly effective Ad.

High budget ads will mostly be used by E-commerce sites because they have several products to deal with & Generate leads on the products.

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For example, If you want to get more likes on the page, post engagements, traffic on the website then go for a low budget.

As I mentioned above that there are several platforms that are available to promote your content like Tumblr Ads, Linkedin Ads, E.t.c. You may run two or more ads at the same time on the same platform also for better results.

6. Geographical Boundaries

This point and the next point are very common but very important for the point of view of Making am Ad. For example, If you want to get likes on your Fb page then choose traffic source countries like India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan,… This will reduce your budget because these are low competition Countries.

And, If you choose Competitive countries like America, Australia, Nort-America, South-Africa, … you’ll also get expected result but these likes are not highly profitable.

You have the option also to choose Geographical boundaries by Location, Choose that option only for if you have something to sell like Affiliate-marketing.

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7. Interest by Age Group

Research about your content that, which age group peoples are Interested in your content, and choose the age group by your research.

This will help your content to get more Reach/ Engagements in very less budget and time. For example, if you are advertising some kind of products which are used by 20+ individuals. Then don’t show your ad to below 20s individuals.


By following this step you’ll get your maximum reach for your product, and more reach means more Post-Engagements. These are the Best Tips for Facebook marketing As well as How to use your Facebook for marketing in 2020?.

This is the 7 steps for Running a Succesful Ad campaign on Facebook, If you are reading this blog and want to promote your content then Follow all the steps for Successful campaign. If you Focus only on Budget & doesn’t create your Landing Page yet then this will not help you lot.


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