Blogging and Vlogging-Blogging V/S Vlogging in 2020

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Blog V/s Vlog Which One is Much Profitable in 2020

Everyday many Newbie will Start Blogging and Vlogging in the hope of making Huge income from this, But there are only a few newbies who’ll become Successful in the Field. So, I gonna talk Everything about Blogging V/s Vlogging, Blog income v/s Vlog income, Audience Interactions,…

A vlog or a Blog they both are very important parts of a successful-online-Business Because this will help a lot to the customers as well as the Client. There are several ways available to use a Blog in the Business like FAQs, Testimonial, Guest blog, Catalogue, e.t.c.

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If you are reading this article for Choosing the better option for you Then First we have to discuss what is Blogging? and What is Vlogging?

Blog V/s Vlog

What is a Blog

Blogging has gone to the next level for its online users, Blog means just an Article writing on the Keyboard. As the Writers write their article offline on a paper same A blogger also has to write their Article On Online Platforms.

There are several platforms available on the Internet to start Blogging Like WordPress, Wix, Medium, Guest-Blogging, E.t.c. Here anyone can post their blogs for the readers. Blogging is getting famous because it is very easy to do. For becoming a Blogger, you just have to acquire a Good Writing Skill.

A Blog is one of the best platforms to Express our Views Online or giving some kind of pieces of information to the readers.

Many youngsters are a little bit confused between Blogging and Vlogging what to do for making money and Huge success. I had cleared every Myth related to this topic.

what-is-a-vlog? blog-vs-vlog-earnings

What is a Vlog

A Vlog is a Short or Long Video that explains the content, depends on the content. Blogging and Vlogging are quite similar because they both are work as providing the information & details to the users. Both are work as Expressing the Views of a blogger or a Vlogger.

You have seen many Vloggers like Lifestyle Vlogger, Food Vlogger, Travel Vlogger, Fitness Vlogger, E.t.c. you have heard about Niche which means a particular Blog Topic on which a Blogger has to work. Same as there these are the particular Niche of a Vlogger on which a vlogger has to make Short Videos for there audience.

How to Start Vlogging in 2020

To start Vlogging in 2020 you need A Good Camera, A mike, Good Video Editing Qualities, Videography Skills, E.t.c. We have discussed above that What is a Vlog? Now I gonna tell you that How to Start Vlogging?

1. Platform:- The first step is to choose the best platform for a wider Audience Like Youtube, Facebook, Tumblr, E.t.c. The best platform for starting Vlogging is Youtube, It has a wider engagement than other platforms.

2. Niche:- Choosing a niche is not only for a blogger it is also important in Vlogging, whether you’ll decide that you have to start Vlog. First, you have to choose a Rich Topic on which you have to make Vlogs. For Example, A FoodVloggercovers the Different Food Vlogs in his Vlogging platforms, A Fitness Vlogger will provide fitness tips to their Viewers

Scope of Blogging

Choose a particular Topic for Vlogging, And covers only relevant topics on your vlog. So many Influencers will start their vlogging career very smoothly but after sometimes they became Empty because they have Limited content ideas.

3. Good Vlogging Stuff:- I have also mentioned these things in the above paragraph that Camera, Mike, Videography skills, e.t.c are the main stuff for doing vlogging. It is not compulsory that you have must a DSLR camera or a Secondary mike.

You may just shoot your video with your primary Mobile Phone but you need a good Video Editing Skills for growing in this platform. Nowadays there is very high competition in this field.

4. Confident Body Language:- It is very obvious that facing a Camera for the first time is uncomfortable for the vlogger. In vlogging the Vlogger is the Host of their Content, The vlogger is the representer of their Vlog Content So it is important that the Host has a confident body language for a good impression.

Is Blogging Profitable in 2020

The Newbie’s always asking this question to me that Is Blogging Profitable in 2020? And literally it is very difficult for me to give the Answer. First of all, I just wanted to tell you that Nowadays More than 90% of Google Adsense application was rejected.

This is because of the New Bloggers who don’t want to give Potentials to their Blogs Rather they wanted to get Adsense Approval and Making money from them.

There is “no work which can Run Automatically Everyone has to Run their Work Manually” So It was the same in Blogging also. If Everyone will do Blogging only for the Adsense approval and for making money then it is Not Profitable.

But If Blogging is done for Expressing the views, thoughts & Giving Information for Readers then it must be a Profitable Field for Online Marketing.

Difference between Blogging & Vlogging- which one has more potential

1MeaningExpressing our views & Thoughts in written Form.
In other words you may also say that Providing Detailed Information on Some topic to the Online Readers is also known as Blogging.
Expressing views and thought to our viewers by online short Videography is called a vlog. They Both are quite similar because both are giving some kind of information to their Readers & Viewers.

Vlogging is Not only done for giving some kind of information It may also done for Entertainment purpose.
2Audience reachIt has Less Audience reach as compared to Vlogging. But for high audience reach Blogger has to optimize their Blog or website for getting more Traffic.It has More Reach because of Subscriber Facility. A blogger has to get traffic with their writing Skills.
But, a vlogger has to get views on their video by their content.
3Ease of WorkIt is Much difficult than Vlogging because a writer has to write their blog very sensitively & SEO Friendly. It is quite easier than Blogging. But Vlogger has to do Hard work in their Video Editing.
4GrowthAs I stated above that Peoples are not interested in reading blogs or newsletter That’s why a blogger has to learn all the tactics of getting high traffic to their blog post.

So, it is difficult to Grow fastly and easily in blogging field. Atleast 5-6 Months must be invested by the blogger for getting Rich Response.
Same thing I have mentioned above that A vlogger has the Subscriber facility So he may get quick growth in their Channel or Video.

Subscriber matters because of potential Views. For Example A vlogger has 2M subs. So after new video his post has reached their 2M followers.
5EarningA Blogger has much opportunities to Earn Online as compared to Vlogger.
The main source of earning online in both field is Google Adsense, But here ads run by google is much Converting that’s why here is much opportunity of earning money.
A Vlogger makes money by the Ads which was running on their Videos. A vlogger also may earn from other sources but this is the main Source of earning in Vlogging.


At the end of my word I just want to tell you that Both the work are Profitable as well as both have some Limitations. Now, it depends on you how you’ll use it. if you are doing any of the above jobs with dedication & with full potential then-No doubt you’ll get huge success in both the field.

Basically the main question which is asked by every newbie is Which one has more potential? and Which one is more profitable? So Every major points and Highlight I’ve discussed above.

I hope you like my blog, If you like the blog then don’t forget to write a comment.


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