How to get Google Adsense Approval-Adsense Approval Tips

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How to get Approved by Google Adsense- Adsense Approval Tips

Almost Every Blogger wanted to get Google Adsense Approval as fastest as possible, But there are so many Adsense Approval Policies are available by the Google which can reject Adsense Application Sometimes. So, Today I’m going to share My Experience with you that How to get Approved by Google Adsense.

So, Basically, If you visit on the Terms & Conditions page of Adsense Policies you’ll see that the main thing which is Highlighted from google is Rich & Unique Content. Google has said many times that they Don’t want any type of waste Information, They wanted Useful & Informative Information for their users.

It was the main reason for Adsense Application Rejection. I don’t know you’ll know this or not, Nowadays More than 90% Adsense Approval Application was Rejected by Google. Did you know Why? This is only because of Waste Content.

Why Every Blogger wanted to Get Adsense Approval

Basically, It means Why Adsense? in one sentence. No doubt Adsense has very good & strict Policies for its users. Every blogger has the main opportunity to earn from blogging is Ads that are running to their website. By Monetizing their website by one Ad Network like Adsense there are several others that are also available like, Propeller Ads, Asterra, Admaven…

But Why Adsense Approval, not Others? This is because of Adsense Policies it has very clear & one of the best Ads Network service providers. 2nd Main & Important reason is Google Trustworthiness So, almost every blogger wants to get Adsense Approval.

And, 3rd main reason was the Ads Quality. Google-Adsense has almost every type of Ads available to their Network like GIF Ads, Text Ads, Banner Ads, Sticky Ads, E.t.c. So it is very easy for the user to Insert various Ads to their website.

The Final Reason is Payment Gateway, Ther are Various types Gateways are available on the Adsense platform for receiving their Income. As well as Google Adsense has worked on the CPC & CPM style Method which is another example of choosing the Adsense network.

How to get Approved by Google Adsense- Adsense Approval Tips:-

1. Website or AdSense to youtube

If you are a blogger or a Website Owner than you may also get your Adsense approved. Adsense policies have been stated that they will Accept Application only for the Content Creators. There are 2 types of platforms that are available where you can find Content Creators.

Website & Youtube these 2 platforms are available there, Anyone can Monetize their channel or Website from the Adsense network. Now the main thing is Youtubers will get Adsense Approval much faster than Bloggers. This is because Youtube has a wider Audience than the website.

This is because Nobody wanted Read long Articles Nowadays, So Everybody wanted to know the thing in very little time. You may get the Approval on both of the platforms, Choose Wisely.

2. Website Layout

After completion of all the formalities of your website Now, it is the time for Setting up the Layout of your website. Yes, I’m talking about the Themes and Appearance of your website. But, What is the Connection between the Website Layout & Google Adsense Approval?

Look there are so many themes are available on both of the platforms Blogger as well as WordPress. But Many of the New Bloggers will choose some Inconvenient theme which is not friendly with Moblie or Desktop. If you are using Blogger or WordPress the Best theme was Sora-Viral & Colormag.

I’ve just given an example But you may choose the best themes. I just wanted to tell you that Before applying for Adsense please check the Design, Layout, & Responsiveness of your website.

3. Domain-Level

The most important thing is you have a Top-level Domain for Adsense approval. As I mentioned above that for Enjoying the benefit of Adsense. you have a Youtube or a Website that Follows all the Guidelines of Google’s Policy. You have to take Top-level domain like .com, .in, .org, .co,, E.t.c

There are so many websites are available on the internet which provide you a Free Domain+Hosting & they claim that they will provide you a Free website. It’s real but the Authority of the website is very low Like they provide you a domain named as .tk, .yg, .gk, .ft, .xyz, .ret, .rog, e.t.c.

And, Google does not provide Adsense approval on these & Sub-domains. So purchase a Top-Level domain for taking Adsense approval.

4. Content

The main thing is Content without this no will get Views, Likes, Comment, Adsense revenue, E.t.c. Almost Every Newbie wanted so much content for their website & for that, they will do some Black hat SEO like Article Spinning.

This was the main reason for Adsense rejection, I’ve mentioned above that Google wants Only Quality-content for its users. The 2nd question which is mostly asked by a Newbie is How many words I have to put in my Article. There is no such kind of information that is available from Google.

But, At least 600-800 words is minimum for a Good Blog post & A Long Article is More Effective as compared to Short Articles. But remember one thing that doesn’t use any Plagiarism Content for your content. write your content your Ownself for Adsense approval.

5. No. of  Posts

Many of the new bloggers will ask this question that how many Blogs I should have to post on my website. Seriously If Google had given you the number of articles then Google will lose. I have seen many of the bloggers will get AdSense approval in just 3-5 Blog post.

And, also many of the bloggers will not get AdSense approval after posting 50 articles. I had given a statement above that More than 90% of the Adsense application has rejected By Goggle Do You know why?

This is because Every new blogger wanted Ad network Approval for generating revenue. For Generating revenue they publish some Copyrighted content in their blog post. Many bloggers will get approval very quickly because they publish quality content for their readers.

6. Essential Pages

It is mandatory that your website contains some Essential pages Like About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, for getting Adsense Approval. But, the question is why these pages are Mandatory.

Suppose any reader visits your website & they found something wrong then How they will Contact you for discussing about that mistake, Therefore the Contact Us page is Most important page for a website. The rest of the pages are Compulsory for Digital image.

The rest of the page is going to define your Website Like On which Policy your website has running, on what kind of Terms & Conditions you are providing to your users, E.t.c.

7. Traffic Source

This is Important one How you would get traffic to your blog post or Website. There are so many Third-Party tricks are available on the internet which provide you Massive Traffic. But Google Analytics Responds only Organic Traffic & Growth of the website.

Like Traffic Exchange, Paid Traffic is not Considerable under Google’s policy, So you have to get traffic to your site organically.


At my Ending word, I just wanted to tell you that there are No shortcuts are available in any Field. You have to do hard work for everything. There is only one tip for getting approval & that is Genuine Contents which is User-Friendly.

If you are a new blogger, Then just follow your Niche & Publish your article Consistently. And, also one thing I wanted to tell you that also publish your article in between 15 days in which google has checking your website. Don’t start blogging only for Adsense Revenue Do this only for providing Genuine Information to the readers.

These are some Adsense Approval tips in 2020- How to get Adsense Approved. If you like the blog then Don’t forget to comment down below, You can also follow me on all social media platforms is @5050hub. Thank you for reading.


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