Make your Website in Just 5 Mins- How to Create a Website for Free

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How to create a Website for Free- What is a website?

In 2020 the website making it one of the easiest ways to create in Digital marketing. But there are so many peoples are there who doesn’t know that How to Create a Website for Free As well as we are going to know what is a website, What is a Domain name, What is a Hosting & How they work in 2020.

Don’t worry Just read this whole article and after that, I’m sure that you can make your website easily. This Blog is a Step-by-Step Guide for How to create a Website for Free.

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So, let’s start the blog & Learn first thing How many types of website is there. remember one thing that everywhere website means 3 Important things which are Domain, Hosting, CMS Command(WordPress).

We are going to discuss everything about the website in this blog So, Stay tuned. Let’s come to the point What is the Website means?

What do you mean by the Website?

A website is an Online platform/Link which contains the Information of Some topic. as I have mentioned above that website is a Group of Domain, Hosting, and WordPress.

Which means Your own custom Domain name according to your niche, Hosting just helps and Serves the service to your domain. WordPress is the Program who Follows your Command, It helps you to what you want to show your viewers.

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I just wanted to tell that website is the group of pages in the World Wide Web(WWW) which is controlled or Organised by individuals or some Organisation.

There are 2 types available for making a Website Either by Coding or either by Installing WordPress on Cpanel.

In Coding Website also you have to purchase Domain & Hosting for It. Coding is your Content Management System(CMS) command which is Done on your Website’s Server.

The Mostly Question asked by some Newbie is How to Make a Website for Free? There are a lot of ways available on the internet which claims that you can make your website free. But I personally suggest you to that Don’t go with the free version, Yeah you can try once.

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Basically the free website is a website that has a Free Domain, Free Hosting, & Free CMS Command Like Blogger. It is a free platform for Bloggers.  Now Let’s Move On to our next Question that what Domain Means?

What is a Domain Name?

I have stated above that Domain is your website name For example my website name is It is my Domain name. A Domain name is the Identity card of your website where users can find your website in the Bunch of websites.

There are so many types of Domain Like:-

TLD- Top-Level Domains

  • ccTLD- country-code Top-Level Domain(.au for australis, .uk for United-Kingdom, E.t.c)
  • gTLD- Generic Top-Level Domain (.com, .in, .info, .net, .org, .co, E.t.c)
  • Second-Level Domain(,,, E.t.c)
  • Third Level Domain
  • Sub-domains(,,,, E.t.c)

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5050hub is the name of my website & .com is my Top-Level Domain(TLD). Now the question is can we make a Free website with Custom Domain. The one-word answer is YES but as I’ve mentioned above that it is Waste of time.

There are lot websites are available on the internet who provides you the Free Domain or a Free Website. But you Can’t get TLD features on the Free Domain names.

you’ll get .tk, .mtm, .kk, .ld, .tz, e.t.c in free domains. So, choose your domain very wisely & according to your niche.

What is Hosting?

Hosting is the Computers that can save/store your website Data in their PC, which is known as Servers. Web Hosting is the Business model that allows all the website owners to save their data on their Online Computers which is known as Servers.

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We have to Purchase the Web-Hosting for our website or get it on the Rent for a Limited period. You can Understand this as Domain is the Name or Identity of the website & Hosting is the Online Computer which stores our data on their Severs.

I can clear it with an example, You can See a house it is my Domain and the Land on which the house is built is hosting. And, The Combination of both is known as Website.

How Many types of Web-Hostings are there

There are 4 Types of Web-hosting are available mainly Shared, VPS, Cloud, Dedicated. You can use any of the Hosting for your website Either by Purchasing it for the Limited period.

Hosting provides you the Cpanel of your Website, which is a controller of your websites.

Those who don’t know I wanted to tell them that nowadays there are 2 types of Panel are Coming one is Cpanel which is very common & the Other one is Plesk panel.

Every hosting has two types of Style One is Linux & the other one is Windows.

Don’t Confuse between them you’ll get these 2 Linux & Windows options in Every type of hosting Either it is Shared or dedicated.

You’ll Get Cpanel in Linux hosting & Plesk Panel In Windows hosting. I Suggest you Go with windows hosting as it contains a Plesk panel which is much reliable the Cpanel.

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1. Shared hosting

Shared Hosting is the Hosting that is shared by many Website owners. I’ve mentioned above that Hosting is the Online server. An Online Server is Shared by many users is Known as shared Hosting.

2.VPS(Virtual Private Sector)

VPS is one step above from shared hosting. Actually, the fact is If anybody wanted to Upgrade their shared hosting plan they can Use VPS for it.

After Upgrading your hosting plan from Shared to VPS you’ll get a Private server for your website, It is also a Shared hosting but there are fewer users as compared to a shared hosting plan.

3.Cloud Hosting

This is a New hosting Plan in the Web-Hosting field. In which there are Bulk of servers in One group for your website. This means if One Server has an error that the 2nd one will handle the Website.

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But, the main factor is that it is pretty much Costly as compared to the above ones. This is a better option for the Growing business as this will work very Smoothly and Fastly.

4. Dedicated Server

This is the Top web hosting Server, As it describes by its name Dedicated. This means a Whole Server is only & only for your website. This is the most Expensive hosting for Website users.

5. WordPress hosting

This Hosting is only for WordPress users. This is Not a Shared hosting or neither it is a Dedicated Server. You can say that this server works only with WordPress.

6. Reseller Hosting

This Hosting is only for the Newcomers or some guys who wanted to start their website for the first time. Who wanted to check How the Website will Works.

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How to Make a Website for Free

As I’ve stated above that WordPress is the Combination of the Domain, Hosting & WordPress, or any CMS Command. Making a website for free or paid both are quite similar. The following are the steps for making a Website for Free in 2020.

Step 1. The First step is to choose your Niche. In which topic you gonna start your Website like Lifestyle, Products, Affiliate, Shopping, Downloading site, E.t.c

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Step 2. The second one is to Purchase a Domain according to your Niche. You can Purchase your Domain form any Site Like Godaddy, Bluehost, BigRock, Hostgator, E.t.c. Basically it is the first step of How to Create a Website for Free.

Step 3. The Next Step, is to purchase a Reliable Hosting for your website. You can purchase the hosting from the above sites or any Other Sites.

You can purchase both Domain & Hosting from Different websites. For Example you can purchase your Domain from Godaddy & Hosting from BlueHost.

But Remember one thing that you have to change your Nameservers from Existing Domain name to the Hosting providers Nameservsers.

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Step 4. After Purchasing Domain & Hosting connect it with the Nameservers, Now Install WordPress on it. But nowadays WordPress is Pre-Installed for the users. If it is not Installed then Install it from softaculous.

Step 5. You’ll Get a mail from the Hosting Provider in which you’ll get the Link of your Cpanel or Plesk Panel. (you’ll get Plesk panel if you have purchase Windows Hosting). Go to the Cpanel & Adjust your Website like make a proper database for your site, Password of WordPress Login, E.t.c

Step 6. The final step is to Launch the WordPress from your Cpanel or you can simply search for it on your search engine(Sitename/wp-admin). WordPress is an Open Content Management System(CMS) that is used for making Websites & Blogs Dynamic.

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How to create a Website for Free

Now you all know that How to make a Website But many peoples are wanted to make their website for Free. The steps of Making a Free Website is the same as above. The only difference is you have to purchase everything for Free Domain & Hosting.

The Other option is Blogger, It is one of the free Platform to start Blogging. You can Visit bloggers for start Blogging But you’ll get a domain for your website.

You can Purchase a Domain & Connect it with your Blogger account. basically blogger is the Free Hosting Platform for Every Internet User.

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For Purchasing Free Domain & Hosting you can Visit any of the Site Selling sites and Get a Domain for free. But remember one thing you’ll get a Very low-level Domain, As I’ve explained above.


In this, I’ve to Explained to you that how to make a Website for Free as well as paid. I also Explain How many types of Hosting are there & Everything about Website Like What is Domain?, What is Hosting? & How a Website Works.

For the New Comers who wanted to make their website for Free, I ould Suggest they go for blogger. Purchase a Custom Domain & Connect it with the Blogger. this is Because you can’t get the User’s Potential to your Site.

Making a Free Website is just Like a Funny Joke Except Blogger Platform because you’ll get all the WordPress facilities on Blogger.

But I personally suggest you make your website on WordPress if you have a clear perception of the Website. I hope Now you are ready to create your Website for Free or Paid.

If you like the Blog then Don’t Forget to Comment & Share it with your friends. You can also follow me on My Social Media accounts @5050hub.

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