How to Optimize Blog post- Advanced SEO Settings for WordPress

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Optimization of Blog Post: How to do SEO on WordPress

Every Blogger wants to Optimize their Blog post for Ranking in Search Engines as well as for getting Massive traffic over their Site. In today’s blog, I gonna tell you Some steps to Optimize a Blog Post for the WordPress Users. Also some additional points Like What is SEO in WordPress?, Generate XML SItemap for WordPress Also How to Write a Blog Post.

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Let’s continue the Blog & Learn Why we need the Optimization for Blog Post. The One-word answer to this question is Competition, As we all know that Nowadays there are so many bloggers are their Who are giving their Efforts Either hard work or either Smartwork.

So, it is very difficult for Newbies to rank in Search Engines quickly due to the high competition in this field. Everybody has to optimize their blog post, who are doing blogging or Content Writing. Without wasting time Let’s Learn the SEO Setting for WordPress.

What is SEO on WordPress? How to Write a Blog Post

Search Engine Optimisation SEO definition is to Optimising the Particular Blog post or a Whole Website. It clears with its name that Optimising your Blog post for ranking in Search Engines fastly. Now there are two ways to do SEO:-

Optimizing Blog post/Website by doing Updates inside of the Website is called On-Page SEO. And, Optimising it by the Outside from the Website is called Off-Page SEO. It is a very simple Definition of On & Off-page SEO.

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Keyword Stuffing, Title Tag Optimization, eta-Description Updation, Internal Linkings, E.t.c. These are Examples of On-Page SEO because here you are ding SEO from the Inside of your Website.

Backlinks(Link-Building), Article-Publishing, Commenting other sites, Promotion, E.t.c. These are the Examples of Off-page SEO. As you can see this is done from outside the Website. I’m not going Deep in this topic because Our topic is to know that How to Optimize a Blog Post.

Following are the 10 Steps to Optimize a Blog Post:-

Yoast SEO Plugin

The first thing you have to do, If you are using WordPress for your blog post is to Install Yoast Plugin. Only this will help you a Lot. There are also So many other plugins are available for SEO but this is the most Recommended Plugin for SEO. There are several questions are asked by many Individuals How to do SEO for WordPress.

After installing it you can see there are two types of Analysis are available for checking how good is your blog post. One is Readability, Other one is SEO. We just have to Green Both of the Lights for Optimizing the Post. How to green this, we are gonna read this below.

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XML Sitemap for WordPress users

Generate an XML Sitemap for your WordPress Website & Submit it on the Google Webmaster Tools or Search Console. You don’t have to make its own self if you are using WordPress, As I’ve mentioned above. Simply you have to Go Yoast SEO Plugin Settings» Features » On XML Sitemap Option.


You can see it on the Image also, For creating an XML sitemap in WordPress you have to choose that For which thing you have to make your sitemap. For Blog Posts, Tags, categories, Author Post, Pages, E.t.c. You can do this very easily with the help of the Yoast Plugin.

Yoast SEO settings» Search Console Option» Taxonomies» Select & Enable you wanted to add in your Sitemap. But, I suggest you that add only Post & Pages in your XML Sitemap for WordPress. If you Enable all the options then there are several chances of getting a Copyright Strike.


Mostly peoples are willing to know that How to Generate an XML sitemap for WordPress, This is Very Simple because we have available so many Plugins for this Like Yoast, Jetpack, E.t.c.


If you wanted to check that your SItemap is Generated or Not, Then Simply check it As you can see it on the above Image.

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High-Quality content

Basically, Now we are on the first point of according to our Title that is to write High-quality & Trending Content. Before writing any blog Post get the Content Ideas & For that, there are so many websites are available who can provide the Best Content ideas for your blog post.

Don’t Write your blog Randomly In fact, write those blogs that Peoples are demanding. you have to do Keyword Analysis for this, For analyzing what peoples are demanding. You can make your Strategies after getting the Content idea.

Keyword Research

The Most Important thing in SEO is to do keyword Research, Blog Post is only rank by the Keyword. There are so many websites that are available for Keyword Research. But, I personally suggest you go with SEMrush, Ahref, Ubbersuggest, Google Adwords because they are the most preferable tools for Keyword Research.

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If you are using the SEMrush tool then you can also use SEMrush Writing Assistant Tool Plugin in WordPress. Now choose keywords according to your Blog Title. But, remember one thing that chooses only that keyword which one has High Search Voluma & Low Competition(CPC).

Now Put that Keyword in the Keyword Phrase section, And Now you have to work according to the Yoast SEO plugin. Remember one thing also that Don’t Stuff too many keywords in your blog post, this can be very Odd for the Users as well as Search Engine Bots. This was the main factor for How to Write a Blog Post.

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Internal Linking

Another part of the Optimization of the Blog post is to Put Links of your Several Other Blog posts. let me tell you the Hack, You can use your other Keywords also in the Blog Post & Linked it with that Blog Post. The Main work of internal Linking is to Redirects the User from one Blog post to the Other.

This is a Traffic Source Strategy as well as it is also used for making the user Reputed Users with our Website. As I’ve mentioned above that You can use Other Blog Post Keywords also, So It can be also ranked on such keywords. Whenever you are going to make your blog post Do Internal Linking on it very Well.

Work on Readability

One of the Major optimizations in a blog post is the Readability of the Blog. You can see it on the image that How Good is the Readability of the Blog Post. The Simple step of the Optimization is to Follow the Yoast SEO plugin Readability Requirement.

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You can also use the SEMrush Assistant tool for Writing your Blog. Let me tell the difference between an Article & a Blog Post. Article writing is the process of writing on a Topic While Blogging is Expressing our views on the Terms.


Make a Tone & Style of Writing for writing a blog. For example, My Blogging style is to Talk with my Readers with the Blog post. And, Improve the Quality of Writing. After Submitting your Sitemap of WordPress in the Webmaster tools, You can Easily Analyse your Blog Post that Is Moblie Friendly or Not?

Write Effective Title

What your blog contains, On what topic you’ve written your blog is Completely defined by your Title. Evry Reder just read the Title & Decides that he has to visit or Not. I’ve stated above that Yoast helps you a lot in both of the conditions SEO as well as Readability.

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Every blog was ranked with their Keywords, Make sure that After choosing your content idea. It is the time for doing Keyword Research, & Write it on the blog post. The keywords you’ve chosen on which you have to rank your Blog Post. Put that keyword in the title.

The best thing to do is Clubbing of your keyword which means to Make a single keyword from Bulk. Just select your Keywords & Merge all the Keywords or Make a Single Keyword from all the Keywords. And, rank your blog on That Particular Keyword.

Write an Expressive Meta-Description

Meta-Description is known as the Short Statement of your Blog Post. It defines a lot of things about your Blog Post, As I’ve stated above that Title is the Very Short Description of your Blog. After Reading Title Readers will read the Meta-Description for their Convenience.

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Therefore Put your Main keyword in the Meta-Description also. you can Simply follow the Yoast Seo plugin what he indicates to make your Blog Post SEO friendly.

We have available 156 Characters to write in the Description, So we can easily Put our 2-3 main keyword on it. Whenever you write your Blog Post Remember that putting your main keywords in the Description Box.

Optimization of Image

If you are just Writing the Blog post then it will not work more potentially. Try to add some Images or short videos because Visualize contents give a huge response as compared to Written content. We can add easily 1-2 Images in the Blog post for the Convenience of the Readers.

Not only putting the Image on the Blog post also add Alt Text on it. You can also add Caption & Description of the Image But Important is Alt Image Text which is kind Mandatory for SEO point of view.

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I hope I’ve cleared your Doubts related to WordPress and SEO Settings that How to Start doing SEO in the Blog Post. What is Blogging? How to Generate XML Sitemap for WordPress, E.t.c in this Blog.

These are some points/steps for the Optimization of the Blog Post. I’ve written 9 Points according to my Experience what is to be needed to Optimize the Blog Post like Keywords, Alt Text, Meta-Description, E.t.c. This is just Important & very basic optimization settings.

You can read several other blogs to Optimize Blog Post very Professionally, And you can see these points also there. So, these are the very basic & Kind of Mandatory Setting of SEO. One thing also I’ve told in this blog that How to Write a Blog Post- Not Elaborated. You may read it here.

If you like the blog then don’t forget to comment down below, You can also follow me on Social media accounts name as @5050hub-Digital Marketing & Lifestyle-.

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