How to Write a Blog-What is Blogging in 2020?-How to Start Blogging

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What Blogging is in 2020?– Blogging: How to Start in 2020

Almost Every New blogger wanted to know How to write a Good Blog Post. As you all know that we all are fighting against the COVID-19, Almost Every country has lockdown itself for fighting with this pandemic situation. In this Post I gonna tell you that How to Start Blogging? What Blogging is in 2020? 

Individuals are getting bored in this period So today I going to tell you How to start blogging in 2020 and make money from them. You can do it very easily in this lockdown.

Blogging Definition

The Very basic Definition of Blogging is Expressing our view in Written, So many peoples are always confused in Blogging and Writing Article. There are so many differences between Blogging & Article Writing.

Article Writing is a way to write an article on a particular topic Whereas Blogging is the way of Expressing our views on any particular topic.

The following are the steps of How to Write a Good Blog Post, What Blogging is? & Blogging: How to Start in 2020…I make it very simple so, just follow the steps and make your blogs today:-

1. Select your Niche

For being a blogger or starting blog writing first you have to choose your niche. What is a Niche? It means what is your Topic, in which topic you gonna make your blog. Like there are many topics on one website for example in a News Website-there are several Categories like Top-stories, Lifestyle, Sports, Nation, Entertainment, E.t.c.

You may make your own website, I suggest you go with Paid Platform means Paid Hosting and your own Custom Domain Name according to your niche. There are also free platforms are available for start blogging but Paid is far better than Free version.

After selecting your niche make your categories like I have made it on my site like Lifestyle, Life Hacks, SEO, E.t.c. Now, daily post your Blogs/Articles on your site and put the particular blog on a particular category.

2. Research about your Article

Now, after finalizing your niche it’s time for doing research about your Article. If you choose your topic then research online or offline and make your own trending Headings, Subheading for your blog.

you may take the help of online Keyword tools like Google Adwords,, Ubbersuggest, Keyword shitter, basically, these are the tools that will help you lot while writing your blog.

Around 4-5 articles read and learn how the keyword has placed on that blog. Also, make sure that the article you gonna write it is valid or not in policies.

This means to say that don’t write that blogs that spread hate, don’t write until you have full knowledge of that article like any type of Religious topic, Sensitive topic, E.t.c. which hate someone.

3. Start Writing

Now after selecting your niche & research on it now start your article writing so, your blog with a short bio of your content which means what are you going to tell on this blog. (example:- As you know that………… In today’s blog, I’m going to tell you about……). This type of starting gives professionalism to your blog.

100+ Bookmarking Sites

At the end of your blog, always give the conclusion of your article and also give your own opinion about that. Don’t do grammatical errors on your blog.

write articles in a shorter and easier way which is comfortable to read for everyone. Always insert a picture into your blog and make sure that you have given the alt text to the image.

Hence, it helps in SEO as well as there are many blind readers who can’t see your pictures rather they judge your picture by your Alt text.

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4. Make your Blog SEO Friendly

Make your blog SEO friendly by following the above steps like putting trending but Low CPC keyword to your blog, try to make the sentence shorter and Informative, Always use images into your blog, E.t.c.

Do proper SEO of your article create high-quality Backlinks, publish your articles on several Article publishing sites like E-zine articles, Digg, medium, E.t.c.

As well as post your articles on social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, E.t.c. and for an instant result, I suggest you give the answer on quora.

It is a platform where millions of people are asking questions in almost every field, you may give the answer according to your niche. This is best for initial reach.

5. Internat Linkings

Make sure that every blog you have done internal linkings, it means to insert your posts link to your every article this will helps you not only in SEO but also redirects the users from one article to another.

Hence it also SEO trick for increasing reputed reader to your site and also increase page session of your blog. Check your blog keyword Density by keyword density checker. It means how many times one word has repeated in your article, Make sure that your density is between 1.00%-2.00%.

6. Monetize Your Site

After doing every step now, it’s time for making money by monetizing your site there are several Ads available who monetize websites like Adsterra, Admaven, propeller Ads,, E.t.c but all-time famous Ad network is Adsense which is Goggle’s Platform. Every Blogger wants to get the Approval of Adsense because sometimes it is hard to pass google’s Policy.

So make sure that if you are going to Monetize your site through Adsense or any other Ad network then please read all the policies and terms & conditions of that ad network.


I’ve also mentioned above that there are so many newbie’s who are asking daily that How to write a good blog post. I’ve made this as simple as possible for the readers. In fact, It is also a good strategy for writing an SEO Friendly blog in 2020. follow the steps and start your blogs today.

Basically these are the steps of writing a blog. In this Lockdown period, this will help you a lot you’ll also make blogging as your career option.


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