Is Affiliate Marketing Dead- 6 Best Tips & Tricks for Affiliate Marketing

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How Affiliate Marketing Works in 2020-How to Get More Leads on Affiliate Marketing

As a blogger, many of the individuals are asking me for How Affiliate marketing Works. So, I just made a separate blog for this. We are going to discuss Is Affiliate marketing is Dead 2020? & 6 Best Tips & Tricks for Affiliate Marketing.

After Getting high sales Let’ talk about What is Affiliate Marketing in 2020? Basically, this known to “Earn Money by Sharing or Referring“. In simple words, there are several brands that produce their products, and they’ve to sell it in the market.

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So, it is a Performance-based Marketing where various Affiliates promote various kinds of products for sale & after-sales, some commission is paid to the affiliates from the Brands.

And, Nowadays it very common strategy for making a high income by affiliate marketing because if there are newcomer brands in the market then obviously they have to promote their brand/product. They start their Affiliate Program for promotions and Sales.

This is the basic Definition/Meaning of Affiliate-Marketing but Today, I’m going to talk about How you’ll get the 1st sale. It is very easy to Join the Affiliate network and promote their products but it is very difficult to sell their products online offline.

Many of the promoters promote the products very wrongly that’s why they can’t get more success in this field because they don’t work with the proper strategy. Don’t worry Today I gonna tell you about some important Strategies and Tips & Tricks that How to Sell Affiliate Product Successfully in 2020.

6 Best Tips & Tricks for Affiliate Marketing- How to generate more Leads in Affiliate Marketing

1. Choose Right Affiliate Networks

If we are talking about Affiliate-Networks the first name we’ll get in our mind was Amazon Affiliate but there are several other platforms that are also available for Affiliate Marketing.

But, the question is WHY Amazon is a most considerable affiliate network for newbies?. This is because Amazon has the potential to reach their customers across the world.

But, there are many other platforms that are also available like Maxbounty, Clickbank, Shareasale, Commission Junction, E.t.c. Choosing the right platform for affiliate-marketing to make sure that:-

  • The Network has a good reach to its customers.
  • The audience has a good response to its network.
  • The network has a good Engagement, Authority, Site-Ranking, E.t.c
  • The network has a well maintained Domain Authority(DA).
  • Good Reputation with their customers.
  • Responsive Network which increases your Conversion in Minimum Efforts.
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So, Choose very wisely the Affiliate-Network before starting the Affiliate-Marketing.

2. Promote on Social Media

This is the Not very Unique but Responsive Technique to Get More Sales/Conversions/Leads of our product. It is very simple but very complex in the case of Affiliates.

You have seen many bloggers who share their Posts on their Social Media Platforms for getting Regular Readers/Viewers as well as Getting high Traffic.

For Affiliates Social Media Platform is the Best stage for Promotion of Products but they have to make the Strategy before Promotion. If you are going to do Affiliate-Marketing in 2020 then you have to give more efforts in this field for becoming successful AFFILIATE-MARKETER.

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If you are promoting Amazon products or relevant website products on Social media, it very easy because they just have to Copy the Product Link and Paste it on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Linkedin,… & you’ll get the Link Post on your social media account.

But in case of the other platforms like Clickbank, Maxbounty, CJ, ShareASale,… you have to make your own proper Responsive Posts for Social Media. Like Images, Website, Links, E.t.c.

So, choose only those products which have good gravity rate & Cheap but good commission rate and Post daily your Post on Social Media for Better results. especially in the case of FB & Instagram.

3. Provide Coupons, Deals, for better Promotion

Provide your customers Coupons, Deals, for attraction towards your product. This is the best strategy for boosting sales in minimum effort.

If anyone purchasing any product from New website or Older website thy always wanted to get a scratch coupon/Discount for the product.

For this, every Buyer will go for another website for getting the coupon code, but if you provided the same on your website then customers will attract more and more towards your Product.

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There are many websites for Coupon/Discounting Vouchers like,, Groupon,…  you may get huge traffic from these websites to generate more leads and conversions.

Choose the best platform for discounts, vouchers, coupons for promotion like Choose that platform which has good engagement with their customers, High Domain Authority, Responsive Website…


4. Click-Funnels

The best way to promote Affiliate Products is to make a Click-funnel or sales-funnel, Now What are the Sales funnel of Click funnels? This means all the details and information are under one roof.

There are various platforms are available from which anyone can make the funnels like,, ClickFunnels, E.t.c. But Why Sales funnels? Because this can increase your sales with less effort.

It was like a One-Time-Investment but you have to make it responsive as well as Proper Maintained, you have to work on it daily. Those who ask me that Is affiliate Marketing Dead, Build a Sales-Funnel according to your niche & Try again to sell the products.

But, I always suggest that make a proper website for that & for sales funnel you may use the web-page builder as well as if you are using WordPress then you can use several plugins for getting better results like Woocommerce, Yoast SEO, E.t.c.

5. Marketing Strategy

Now, If you started promoting your Product then it is the time for making a Marketing strategy. As I mentioned above the points the Strategical Promotion of products.

For that make Effective Promotional Strategy for Generating Leads, There are several platforms for doing Professional Level Marketing:

  • Content marketing:- I stated above the point that makes a website for better promotion, If you made a responsive website then Add Testimonials & Blogs on it related to your products this will boost your webpage.
  • Social Media Marketing(SMO):- Go for Paid Marketing, Run your own Ad campaign by paying some amount to the Ad network like Facebook, Linkedin ads, Google Ads, Tumblr Ads, E.t.c.
  • E-mail Marketing:- Do E-mail marketing for Better & Quick results, You may use, Mailchimp, for making an attractive and effective E-mail. Now, the question is Why use these paid platforms for Mail? Why NOT Gmail?

Let me tell if you mail someone promotional E-mails then automatically google will send them into the Spam Folder of the Receiver. And Have you ever opened your Spam mailbox? So these platforms will allow you to send the mail into the primary box of the receivers.

  • Youtube Marketing:- One of the best marketing platforms, You may make your channel on it and provide the information and details of the products to the Potential customers.
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6. Lead Magnets/Conversion

This is the part os point no. 2 (Marketing), If you are doing paid marketing on Facebook then they’ll allow you to get leads on your products.

This will help you a lot you may run your Ads campaign from various other platforms also and Generate more Leads Automatically.

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After generating leads you may get their Name, Emails, Now Do E-mail marketing for the next process which is sales.


Are You Ready To Sell Your Products?

So this is the 6 Best Tips & Tricks for Affiliate Marketing & Also I’ve given the answer that How Affiliate marketing works in 2020? which can help you lot to sell your affiliate products. This does not happen a night you have to work on it. Not just this strategy, you may make your own Tactics/techniques and sell the products.

I suggest you go for Paid marketing because ie affects more than the free platforms Especially in 2020, there is very high competition in this field. I’ve made a Separate Blog for those who ask me that Is Affiliate marketing Dead in 2020?

There are several other blogs also available online like ubbersuggest, ahref, bigcommerce, Must read them if you really want to affiliate as Passionately.


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