Top 10 Instant Approval Article Publishing Websites

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An Introduction to Article Submission or Guest posting Sites

As we all know that Blogging is going to be its next level after a Few Years. Almost Every 5/10th is a Digital Creator, Either he is a Blogger or a Youtuber, E.t.c. I’m not going on that Topic let’s Learn First that What is Article Publishing? & How to create Backlinks.

As I’ve mentioned above that Day-by-Day Blogging is Expanding Fastly, Without Wasting Time Article Publishing is a Link-Building Strategy as well as a Platform for Writers. For a Blogger it performs as a Link-building or Off-Page SEO Strategy. And, For Writers, it is a Platform to Write their Articles.

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Article Submission Sites are those sites that have their Audience reach as well as Potential for their New Writers. So, This means that there are already Audiences are Engaging with Writers. It is very easy to get Traffic or Backlinks on a Blog post by Doing Guest Posting.

How Article Publishing Sites Works

I’ve stated in the above point that It has a Maintained Audience for their Writers. These Sites allow Everyone to Post their Unique Article to their Website. This may cause 2 side Profits 1st is for the Website Owner that He’ll get Maximum Contents for their Website.

And, 2nd one is for the Writers who will write their Posts to the Article Publishing Sites. They’ll get maximum Reach as well as a high amount of traffic towards their blog post. It is a Good Freelancing Job for the Content Writers.

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There are also so many websites that are available on the internet Which will provide Incentives & Recognition to their Writers with Some Conditions, which we are going to Read Below. The Other Factor I’m repeating is Backlinks for the Blog Post, We are also going to learn that How to create Backlink from guest Posting.

How you’ll get Backlinks from Article Submission Sites or Guest Posting

Now Come to the main point which is How we’ll get Backlinks for the Blog Post. But First, let’s Learn What is Backlinks? & How it Works in 2020. Backlinks are the Links for which any Person will Redirects from one Blog post to the Other, After Clicking on that link.

There are 2 Types of Backlinks are there Do-Follow & No-Follow, Let’s Learn that How they Work with an Example. Suppose you have a Blogging Website & you are a Blogger, Share your Views on your Website on your Niche


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Now for getting Traffic to your Website you’ll have to do On-page & Off-Page SEO for your Website. Off-Page SEO contains the Backlinks Strategy & For that, you have to share your article or Link on other Websites. This is called Article Publishing, As you can see it on the Above Image.

So, After Providing your Blog Links to the other websites, No matter you’ll get Backlinks for your Website. But Is it Do-Follow or No-Follow Backlinks, This Matters How?

Do-Follow Backlinks:- These are those Backlinks which can allows the Search Engine Bots to Crawl the Website/Link.

No-Follow Backlinks:-These are those backlinks which cannot allows the Search Engines to Crawl the Provided Link or Redirection to the Website.

Putting a Link in other Platforms Either by Sharing the Link or Entire Blog Post by Default  it is a No-Follow Backlink for website, But If it is No-Follow then Crawlers can’t crawl that Website. And, If they are Do-Follow Backlink then Crawlers can Crawl the Website. 

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Top 10 Free Instant Approval Article Publishing Sites

Now I gonna tell you the 10 Best Article Publishing Sites for creating Do-Follow Backlinks as well as for getting Traffic on the Blog Post. Many of the websites I gonna tell you today that are used for both, There are also so many other websites are available for Backlinks. You can also visit those Websites. The following are the Sites:-

Ezine Article

The First Website is Ezine Articles, If you are in the Blogging or Digital Marketing Field then Once a time you have heard about this Website. This is one of the Article Publishing Websites also it allows the Links for the Backlink Creation. 

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The Website has terms of Conditions & Privacy Policy which you have to follow for Guest Post. At least you have to provide your 20-25 Articles on this Site for Moderation then Developers will allow you to Post your Blogs on it.


After the Ezine Article next is Medium, It has also the same privacy policies as above. this is a very Reputed Site for the Writers to write their article on Medium. And, the best part is It allows the Internal Linkigs Articles.

There are so many websites are there which cannot allow the writers to put any of the links on their blog posts. The other best part is you can also join the Medium Partner program for getting some Recognition of your Articles. So, we can publish our articles very easily on Medium after taking care of the Privacy Policy.

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The next one in on my List is HubPages, this site allows Every Writer a Great & Friendly Surfing site. The site is very to Use. But It is a Quite Lengthy Process as Compared to the Others because first, you have to Fill One Page Details of your Blog.

Then Next one has all the Editing Capsules for editing the Blog. It is a Lengthier Process but very Friendly Design of the Website. So anyone can use this website very easily & Also get Backlinks for the Blog Post By Article Publishing as well as Comment posting Strategy.

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It is a very popular website for Sharing the Article URLs on this Website. It has also some Strict privacy policies for using this site. This is also a good option for Article Publishing as well as Creating Backlinks for the Blog posts.

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Easy to Use Interface but, In starting it may become complex for the Newbies for Publishing the Articles.


Nowadays getting a huge Response from the Writers is Tumblr for getting Traffic. This Website is Vry simple to Use as well as It has Applications for Mobile Phones. We can Easily Post or Share Our Articles on Tumblr. It is getting because of Instagram because Both of Now Linked with Each Other.

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Now we can connect both of Accounts & Post Articles on it by using Mobile Phones. The Best thing is if you are using WordPress then Simply we can Connect our Social Media Accounts with the help of the Jetpack Plugin. This can help in Posting the Articles Automatically in Social Media.


The other best Article Submission Site is Reddit, You can simply share your Blog Links or Post your Articles on the Site. This site is also Provides Backlinks & Traffic on the Blog Post. I’ve mentioned above many times that you have to work according to The Terms Of Conditions otherwise your Account can be suspended.

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It is a very popular site in the UK & USA, So Writer can get Traffic from UK & USA which is a very high-Quality Traffic for Every blogger. The Process of Article Submission is very simple simply Make an account on Reddit & Start sharing your Article on it.

LinkedIn Articles

Next on our List is LinkedIn articles those who don’t know much about this, I wanted to tell them this is one of the Most professional Job Sites. But nowadays it is using in the Digital Marketing Field for getting traffic on the Website or a Blog post.

It has an Article Section for sharing the Articles on Linkedin, So we can post our articles on it for getting traffic & Backlink from there. It is a very Professional website almost all Entrepreneurs & businessmen are there, So Share your best articles over there.

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Easy Article

This is a Fully Article Publishing Website where anyone can submit there Articles & take backlink from there. These sites are getting popular nowadays. We can publish our Article Very easily on this site.

Article Alley

Another one is also a very famous Article Submission site, It has almost more than 5,00,000 community members. So it is a very good source of getting Backlinks from here as well as Traffic toward our blog post


If you are in the Digital Marketing Field then you have heard about this website or may you have also Use it Once in a Life. This is a Question & Answer Platform where anyone asks Questions from the community members & also anyone can give the Answers.

We can Share our Article Links on the Quora & get Traffic from this Platform. And, this is a very Reputed website so it has very little Spam Score. We can also get Traffic from giving the Answers which is related to our Article or Niche.


As I’ve stated above I’ll tell all of the famous Article Submission Sites. Now it depends on you How you can use it, Either for getting traffic or Creating a backlink for the site. The Above list I’ve made is from my Experience, There are also so many other Websites are available you can also visit there for Creating Backlinks.

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