Top 10 Micro-Niche Blogging Ideas in 2020 l What is a Niche?

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How to Find Micro-Niche Blogging Ideas to make a new Website

Every New Blogger or a website owner is always wanted to know that what are some Micro-Niche Sites are available. So, they can go for it. In this blog, I’m going to talk about Best Micro-Niche Ideas for Newbies who wanted to start Digital Marketing & also Micro-Niche Keyword ideas for Blogging. Firstly Let’s start with whats is a niche?

But the question is why they wanted to make their website with the Micro-niche topic, Newbies also go for some High Priority Niche ideas like Affiliate Contents, Blogging Contents, E.t.c. Before we go on that topic let’s know what is a niche? & What is the Difference between Niche & Micro-Niche?

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What is a Niche? Best Ideas for Blogging

Niche is the Main Topic or a Preference on which your website is made. For Example, I have a Digital Marketing & Lifestyle Tips Website. This Means my Niche is Digital marketing Tips. The main question which is asked by many of the newbies is.

Either niche is for the whole Website or a Particular Blog Post? One word answer is you can use both as your niche. Your website also contains some kind of niche as I’ve chosen Online-Marketing tips. you can also create your blog post on Different Niche Like I’ve also posted some Lifestyle Tips on my website.

There are So many websites are available on the internet which claims that they have multiple Niche website. you may be seen these kinds of Guest-Blogging Websites. But there are so many policies for Guest Blogging.

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Difference between Niche & Micro-Niche Websites

Everybody knows niche means that it is a topic or a kind of Category on which basis contents are made. And, Micro-Niche means making content on a very short Category or topic. Many newbies are a little bit confused between what is a niche? or Micro-niche.

Every Newbie is wanted to make Micro-Niche website in starting because it is the only way to get Audience Engagement. The other fact is Micro-Niche websites is works only on One or More Keywords, Therefore they have only one or two pages on the whole website.

How to Find Micro-Niche Blogging/Website ideas

If you are still reading this blog post Then after a few minutes you’ll get the answer to this question. I’ve mentioned above that Niche & Micro-Niche both are Topics of a new site or a blog post, It depends on you that how you use them.

Micro-Niche is one or Few Page Website, But nowadays it total changes. Now Many Bloggers have to Create their website with Micro-Niche Keywords. For getting huge Audience Engagement on the website you have to work on micro niche keywords.

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Do-Follow Article Publishing Site List

Mistakes while choosing Niche for Website

Mostly mistakes are done by the new bloggers that they choose that kind of niche which is already ranked. Every Newbie is influenced by others So, He is also wanted to grow on the same Niche.

But, there are very low chances of getting success on it because that niche is already getting Huge Audience Engagement. And, In between this your website may get Disappeared.

Every new Website has a 0 Domain Authority(DA), 0 Page Authority(PA), Thatswhy Every Newbie has to choose a very Low Competition but High Volume keywords for Increasing their Webpage’s (DA, PA) rank in Search Engines.

This is the main reason for choosing Micro-Niche Blogging Ideas or Keywords for getting a Huge response on a New Website.

Following are the Top 10 New Trending but Very Low Competition (Micro-Niche) Websites Ideas for Beginners

1. Child Care Tips

On this website, you have an opportunity to provide Blogs or Information on How Parents can Cure their Children’s very Securely. There is also another Niche is available which is about Baby caring Tips.

In Baby caring niche, You may share some Blogs which shows How a Mother Cure her New Baby. If you are a parent & You wanted to start Blogging on a certain niche then this is best for you. But remember one thing if you have no Experience then please don’t mislead other peoples by giving Fake information.

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If you are in the Baby Product Business then you can also make your online store where you can sell your products. You can also do both Businesses as well as Blogging on the same website. But For online Business, you have to know all Marketing strategy.

2. Beauty Blogging

The Other less competitive Niche is Beauty Blogger, If you are a Female & You have a Good Fashion, Beauty or Dressing Sense, E.t.c. Then you can share your knowledge with others.

If you wanted to do Less Written job Then You may also do Short Beauty Products Review for General Public. also, there are Other opportunities are available Like Beaty Vlogging, Lifestyle Blogger/Vlogger, Dietician Blogger, E.t.c.

Beauty Blogging is just not for only women. Men can also provide their Views on It As a Health & Lifestyle Blogger/Vlogger, Health & Fitness Blogger, E.t.c. Men can also review Men’s Health Products for Male Viewers.

The only thing you have to remember that Don’t Do this and Bove for getting Engagements. If you have zero knowledge of this Then Move on to the other Idea. But, Please Don’t give your Fake Information to the Readers because this is Health-Related topics.

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3. Interior Designing Tips

The other micro-niche is Home Decor or Interior Designing Tips. If you have a good knowledge of House Furnishing then you can start blogging on this topic.

Furnishing is not only for Furniture, House Painting, E.t.c. It is a very vast concept as it contains many Works like above. This is a very Interesting Niche for newbie designers.

Many of the peoples don’t know much about Furnishing, Therefore So many specialists can charge a high amount for their service.

4. Finance/Investment/Real-Estate

Finance is also a Wide Concept, This one is very good for those who have some knowledge in Financial Topic. There are so many Readers are available on the internet to know How to Grom their income or Investment.

If Somebody has a good knowledge of Investment or Real-Estate Business, They can provide their tips & Techniques to their Readers. If you know the Profitable Investment Techniques or How to Purchase/Sell profitable Properties.

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Then, you can share your views with online readers in the form of Blogs. This one is Pretty Impressive Micro-Niche because day-by-day The numbers of the Investors are Increasing. And, In today’s life, Almost Everybody wants to Invest their Money in Real-Estate or Shares.

5. Personality Development

I’ve put this in Micro-Niche sites because you can see nowadays there are lots of peoples are Putting their interest in personality development. It is also a Wider concept as it includes Communication skills, Behaviour, Attitude, Inside Skills E.t.c.

If anyone knows about that How to Improve Personality, They can start working on this Niche. And, there are so many readers are Available regarding this Idea. If you know any of the above Personality-Development skills You can start working on this Micro-Niche.

6. General Knowledge

General Knowledge or General Awareness is a topic that is searched by almost every Student online. You can start your GK website to provide quality Content to the Students as well as readers. Actually, This is one of the best Blogging ideas in 2020.

For Example, Those who are preparing for the Competitive Exams have to know very much about General Knowledge Questions. Several websites are also available on the internet that claims that they provide the best General Awareness tips but they can’t.

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not only General knowledge Even You can choose your Subtopic in this Micro-Niche and start doing work on it. For example, you can choose one topic like History, or Whole Social Studies(, And start making blogs on this topic.

7. Jobs

The best and Less Writing Written Content Ideas, You can give the Information of New jobs to the Job Seekers. You can also share some Courses review on this website.

This is a High Searchable Topic on the internet, You can Add Jobs Information Details for the Job seekers. Also, you can Add the Upcoming New Jobs for the Job-Seekers.

8. Product & Services

If you have some Products or you have any kind of service for the General Public, Then you can make your products & Services Website.

If you have No products still you can simply review products for the general public. There are several Tech bloggers are available which can only share Tech Products Reviews on their website.

There are also affiliate Options are available, You can start your Affiliate website according to your niche. The best part is This is a Micro-Niche which means Low Competition but you can High Searches.

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9. Memes Site

This is the best & Trending Concept Nowadays, You can start creating your Memes and Publishing it on your website or Othe Social-Media Platforms.

The best part of this is you can get Quality Traffic towards your Website. One of the best Social-media Platforms Instagram & Facebook is Now full of Memes Contents. So many Consistent Members are getting Viral by Overnight.

Remember One Thing that Doesn’t make Memes on any of the Sensitive Topic, which can Hurt someone’s Emotions.

10. Biography Site

The most Searchable Site is Biography of the Celebrities, you can Start Doing work on it. Make a Simple website and Shae all Biographical Informations of the Trending Celebrities.

You can share all the Details Like Family, Recognitions, Awards, Business, E.t.c of the celebrities. And, the Best thing about this Niche is you can rank your website on Many Keywords like Motivation, Inspirational, Hard-Work, Career, e.t.c.

This Micro-Niche is one of the websites which can get Huge Traffic by only their Keywords or On-Page SEO. And, This is ver less Written Content for the New bloggers. You can Easily Do Smart Work in this Job, But remember One thing you have to Provide all Information correct.

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These are Top 10 Micro-Niche Website or Blogging Ideas. Which Every Newbie can Start Doing work on it, As I’ve mentioned above that Every new Comer wanted huge traffic on their website. And, This only happens if you have SEO friendly & Quality Contents on your Site.

Only choosing the Micro-Niche Keyword is not the way for getting a huge response on the website. After choosing the Main Topic of your website, Now you have to make quality content for your website. if you’ve chosen your keyword the start Working on your Micro-Niche Blogging ideas.

In my Ending Words, I wanted to tell you that You can go with any Niche But the fact is you can get Audience Engagement by doing your work Consistently & Joyfully. And, This is My Views on Micro-Niche Sites you can also some other Articles for choosing Your Topic. I also cleared what is a niche in 2020? & How to choose it in this Post.

If you like the Blog then Don’t forget to follow me on my Social-Media Accounts & also don’t forget to comment down below your views on this blog.@5050hub

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