What NOT to Do in the Blogging? Blogging Startup

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What NOT to Do in Blogging? Blogging Startup

Many Newbie Bloggers will Start Blogging without doing any proper research related to their NICHE or Blog Topic, So In this post I gonna tell you that What NOT to Do in Blogging? In fact, you can also say that this blog is Blogging Startup for New Bloggers.

Today I gonna talk about the mistakes in blogging which is done by every blogger in beginning. Basically I’m going to share my experience with you. Many individuals are want to know that at what point they will do mistakes in blogging I put all the Important mistakes done by a writer.

Following are the Mistakes/What NOT to Do in Blogging? Steps for Blogging Startup:-

Particular Niche

If your mindset is clear about starting Blogging or content writing then I suggest you take your time and choose your particular Niche/Topic. What is a Niche? So many of the bloggers are started their blogging career with a boom but after someday they’re just like to get bored with their work which is not good.

Choosing a niche is important because firstly the writer’s making their content very well but sometimes they don’t have content/topic on which they have to write their articles. And they don’t have contents to write now they’ll write blogs on an irrelevant topic which doesn’t match to their niche. This will down the impact of the writing.

For choosing the niche:-

  • Your Interest.
  • Your taste and preferences.
  • choose those topics which are relevant to your niche.
  • you’ll also get high traffic on-site if you have chosen the trending niche.


As I mentioned above that in blogging you have to need a Positive Interest & passion for writing. Look I’ll give an example of that many of the digital marketers are also doing the same job but very less is became successful in blogging WHY? because they’re doing blogging for Making money.

You have heard that many bloggers are making their blogs from many times ago but they’ll not get any ad network approval again why? because they all have a mindset of publishing 2025 articles and getting approval from ad networks and making money.

This is the main reason for the failure of blogging in 2020. Blogging means providing your thinking to your readers and this is happening only by the Interest and against it. So, Do what you want to do with interestingly & passionately.

How to make an interest in content writing:-

  • Make your List what you have to publish on your site. You may also take from a content idea generator.
  • Publish your content every day because publishing daily an article this will become one of your habits.
  • After writing anything just research about that topic.
  • Then make Heading 5-10 subheadings according to your topic, it is a psychology that after seeing subheading your mind was like that I just have to write few words on every heading which is not a difficult task.
  • If you are making your subheadings then you’ll also take the help of Keyword research tools and choose only Low Competitive Keywords.

Don’t Compare your Ideas/Blogs

As you all know that after following the above steps everyone will get hype & every writer will start to compare each other. They forgot that everyone has its own taste and preference & style of writing. For example, My writing style was whatever in my mind I just put it on my blog.

I’ve seen so many bloggers they will put very sharply 3-4 Contents in a single article and readers will stick on their blogs. They make their articles like readers must have to read and also that. So, Don’t compare yourself to anyone Make your experience and Style about blogging.

Tips for Blog Writing:-

  • I would suggest you read newspapers that will help you a lot.
  • Read other blogs.
  • Find out how they will trend their articles on the internet.
  • make your strategy/technique for making blogs.

Copy&Paste/Plagiarized Contents

The problem which has done by almost every blogger/writer in this field that Copied articles. Copy from another website and paste its own site will give a very bad impression to search engines and readers also. People will do this because they don’t have content.

I’ve also done these things in my blogging I career and I tell you that this is just Time Waste Idea. If you’ll search online that Copy&paste content is legal or not you’ll see both the results like so many of the peoples are still saying that you can make money with it But, the reality is you will not able to make money by this policy.

And, you think that you will paste any one contents in your post and give the Source link then you’ll get a relief from DMCA but not any Ads Networks. Especially in the case of Adsense you can’t able to take AdSense approval with this policy. So, Make your own content you make similar content but not the same because it will show the duplicate content error.

Poor Content Writing

I’ve said this on the above point that makes your own Experience and content. Poor Writing means the way of writing articles and blogs written by someone. For example, if you are reading this article then you’ll see that this post is talking to you.

It means you have to talk with your readers just put down everything which you have on your mind on your post this will impact directly on readers and readers will pay more attention to it. So, whenever you’ll be writing articles just think you are saying this blog to your readers directly.

Grammatical Errors

If you are followed above the steps then follow this also don’t do any grammatical errors on your post you may take the help from online tools like Grammarly, Google Translate, E.t.c. I would like to suggest you check your post’s keyword density checker.

If you saw that your keyword density checker is above 2.0% then change some keywords or grammatical faults and repost it on your site.


At last, I want to say if you followed these steps in blogging Startup then you will definitely become a good blogger. In fact’ I suggest you read more articles on this topic before you start. This is just a basic and similar mistake that every blogger can in beginning.

I’ve made this blog as simple as possible So Anyone can read this carefully & Learn all the Blogging Startup Tactics, As well as What NOT to Do in Blogging? If you like the Blog then You may also Follow me on Facebook id @5050hub


Hii there Uttam Sharma is a Digital Entrepreneur & founder of 5050hub.com. Thankful to you for giving your enthusiasm on my Blogs. My Unique&Fresh blogging Ideas and my creating style resonate with the present Blogging Style. So Thatswhy I decided to make my own blogging site page. 5050hub.com is a Digital marketing guide where you can see Awesome and Trending tips related to Lifestyle and Digital marketing Like Blogging tips, SEO Techniques, Life Hacks, Lifestyle Contents…

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