What NOT to do with your Healthy Lifestyle?-Mistakes in Our Daily Life

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What NOT to do with your Healthy Lifestyle?- Mistakes in Our Daily Life

Today I’m going to talk about the Common 5 mistake which has done in our daily Lifestyle which is simple but very effective and harmful in daily Activity. I’ve just made it very simple What NOT to do with your Healthy Lifestyle? The following are the Mistakes In our daily life.

Following are the Things What NOT to do with our Healthy Lifestyle/Mistakes in Our Daily Life:-

1. Unusual Dieting

Many of the individuals are in always stress about their increasing weight which is normal. Most of the peoples are without any proper guidance they started their weight loss goal by Unusual/Improper dieting Plan. In most cases, there are women’s are going to quit their food for losing their weight which is not good for health.

On an average survey, there are only women who try to lose their weight by quit their food which is very bad for Physically as well mentally. I suggest to you that please don’t do such a thing in a Hurry. There is a proper diet plan/chart for everyone to follow that or concern with a Trainer or Physical coach, Dietician… who gives you the right way to lose your weight. Hence I’m a lifestyle blogger I would like to suggest some tips for losing weight.

  • Drink Plenty Water, will help your body to recovery. If you’ll get 0 results then drink Sparkling water.
  • Don’t eat Junk food or Evening Snacks if you set your goal to lose your weight.
  • Take your food but not, as usual, you may eat your favorite food but only in limited quantity.
  • Eat fruits and also drink similar beverages(which helps you to lose weight).
  • If you are able to do exercise also then Running and Walking is best for you.
  • Consumption of Tobacco

Side Effects of Improper dieting

  • Malnutrition due to lack of proteins
  • Dehydration due to lack of Plenty of water.
  • Menstrual Irregularities
  • Hair loss
  • Muscle Loss
  • Headaches

2. Don’t Take Supplements

You all know that those teenagers who are worry about their lifestyle, are going to the Gym for looking attractive and Good looking. Some of them make their Physical naturally but some of the other use shortcut for making Attractive Body in less time.

One thing I’m gonna clear about Lifestyle. Lifestyle doesn’t mean your Muscles, Attractiveness, Handsomeness, E.t.c. It means how good you are in Behaviour, Personality, Positive Attitude, Communication Skills, E.t.c. Almost everybody knows about it but everyone takes it wrong.

If you are going to take it then please concern with your Dietician, Trainer.. about the Positive and Negative effects of Supplements. Basically, Supplements is taken to Build your muscle. It happens because Supplements Increase your hungriness and your efficiency to work.

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Not every Supplement is Harmful some are also very good for building Muscles but be careful before taking any new Supplement because it can create troubles in your life. So, Go for the only Older one and Trusty Supplement.

3. Too Much Stress

Another bad thing which happens in our daily life is Stress, Even in this COVID-19 the pandemic situation we are taking too much Stress which is very bad for Mental condition. I’ll give you a challenge, Close your Eyes and Just focus. I mean Don’t think anything just closes your eyes and Meditate.

I’ll bet on that after 20-25 seconds it’s very difficult to even close your eyes because your mind is not in a stable format which means either you’re in trouble or you are doing overthinking and both are not good for your Healthy lifestyle.

Bad Effects of Stressful Life

After a huge burden on Mind many people are going to take Alcohol, Drugs, … for relaxation but after taking it 2-3 times the person will become addicted and it will give you more stress and also other Problems related to your Health.

  • It causes Unusual Headaches.
  • Stomach pains.
  • Blood pressure problems

4. Heavy Workout

Don’t start Heavy Workout without any proper guidance, I’m saying this because Many individuals especially Teenagers are going to start a heavy workout after 2-3 days of joining the GYM. Many of the individuals are set their mind for taking supplements or Anabolics as I mentioned this line under point no.3.

If you are not done proper Workout then you’ll see that your one side body is developed or developing rather a second one is as usual. Which gives a very bad impression on your Personality. Do only a little bit workout every day.

5. Consumption of Tobacco

I also put this point in the previous points that consumption of alcohol, Smoking, Drugs, … is very bad for your mental health. How are they affect your body? Look First time taking Drugs or Alcohol gives you a next-level satisfaction.

And, because you have taken it then the second time your mind will want 2x times more pleasure and again-and-again you’ll do it than you, your body, the mind is Addicted to these harmful objects.

So, don’t go for such things who started consumption of these things are also said himself I’m gonna take it only 1 time and then I quit but the result is he is Addicted to very badly. Physical health point of view it is very dangerous for Lifestyle. It kills you every day.


So, these are 5 Mistakes in our Daily Life-Things that we are doing wrong with our Physical Lifestyle. There are also several other points which I’m not included in it, these are Mostly common and Basic but Important to know things that why I put only these Points.

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